Lorenzen, Huskies Open Camp

STORRS – University of Connecticut quarterback Tyler Lorenzen isn't about to run away from the pressure of the quarterback job, rather, he was hoping for it.

Lorenzen, a junior college transfer from Palomar Junior College who is locked in a quarterback battle with sophomore Dennis Brown, wants the pressure and responsibilities that go with being a quarterback. It matters little to Lorenzen that the Huskies' chance of improving on a 4-8 record last season rests largely on the shoulders of the quarterback. Pressure and expectations is par for the course.

"I love the pressure," Lorenzen said after the Huskies opened up summer camp Monday. "I like being in charge and being the leader. I don't sense the pressure, I have played quarterback my entire life."

Lorenzen begins his battle for the Huskies' quarterback position still clouded in mystery. Lorenzen missed the spring game with a knee injury and few outside of the Huskies' program has seen him play. Lorenzen has recovered fully from the off season knee sprain and participated in all off season activities and practiced on Monday without any kind of brace. Still, questions linger on what kind of quarterback he can be. He passed for 2,960 yards and 26 touchdowns and rushed for 836 yards and eight touchdowns. The lefty throwing Lorenzen is an athletic physical specimen at 6-foot-5 226 pounds.

"I can do basically everything, I am a fast kid and big," Lorenzen said. "And I can throw the ball. I am dual threat. I play in to the concept of play and I think I can make every throw."

The Huskies quarterback position will take some time to shake out. Brown has a two year head start on the playbook and head coach Randy Edsall is going to take his time. With so much hanging in the balance, Edsall needs to be sure.

"I don't have any time table in mind," Edsall said. "I am not the one who makes the decision. The two guys who make the decision are the quarterback themselves. If there comes a point in time that there is a guy who separated themselves (coaching staff will make the decision). It will not go further than we get into game week for Duke."

Lorenzen isn't concerned about how it's going to play out. He just plays, and let's others make the decision.

"I think whatever coach Edsall decides is fine," Lorenzen said. "He will look out for the best interests of the team. When they come to the decision, Dennis and I will be ready for the decision. When they name a starter we will all know who it will be. The guy in second place has to be prepared to be a starter. It's just a play away."

Tipping the scale

While Washington, Pa. freshman quarterback Cody Endres chances at seeing the field are slim baring disaster, he made quite an impression after the camp opening weigh-ins and strength tests. Endres, 6-foot-3, checked in at 246.6 pounds. Edsall was stunned when he saw the weight. He went and found Endres in the weight room to make sure it was accurate.

"That is some strong bones and big frame," Edsall said. "But he passed his running test. I am not concerned with that, and as long as he passed his test. If he can carry it I am all for that. It did surprise me. I didn't think he was that heavy."

The Huskies also welcomed Notre Dame transfer in quarterback Zach Frazer officially to the team. The Mechanicsburg, Pa. product will sit out this season as a redshirt freshman and compete for the starting quarterback job next spring.

"We think that he is a quality player," Edsall said. "Someone we tried to recruit in high school and we are happy we got him on the rebound. He can work this year and learn the system and we will worry about him next year. He will sit in on the all the QB meetings and work on the scout team and get him prepared for the spring."

Camp notes: The Huskies appeared to have put the new Shenkman Center weight room to good use. There are a couple of noticeable jumps in weight starting on the defensive line where Dan Davis is up to 284 pounds. The most noticeable player bulking up was defensive end Lindsay Witten, who started in the final six games at 215 pounds. Witten's 6-foot-5 frame has packed on over 20 pounds and he is up to a ripped 237 pounds. Junior defensive end Cody Brown has bulked all the way up to 248 pounds…With the return of safety Dahna Deleston it appears that freshman Corey Stringer is headed back to linebacker. Stringer, out of Fork Union Military Academy, enrolled this spring and was switched to safety. He is listed on the Huskies' roster this

summer as a linebacker.


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