Payne Officially Visits Storrs

Lynell Payne had visited Storrs before, however the Marlton, N.J., product hadn't had the chance to fully take in what the University of Connecticut had to offer both as an academic institution and a football program until this past weekend on an official visit for the Huskies game against the Akron Zips.

Lynell Payne currently holds offers from Iowa, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Clemson, Temple, Akron and Buffalo, however the 6-foot-3, 205-pound wide receiver has seen some change in his opinion on which schools he likes most in the last few weeks, with an official visit to Connecticut helping to shape those new opinions. The Cherokee High School athlete is fresh off an eight catch for 85 yards performance against Eastern High School last weekend and was ready to talk Connecticut with us recently.

"My trip to Connecticut went really well," Payne stated. "I got to see a lot of things that I did not see during senior day while I was there like the weight room, locker rooms and dorms. Kashif Moore was my host, so I got to hang out with him, Dan Davis and Jasper Howard a lot and we had a lot of fun together. Connecticut may have the best dorms I have seen for sophomores and upperclassmen and I was really impressed by the football facilities as everything was brand new and very clean. The weight room was huge with a lot of great equipment in it and the upper level was full of great things too."

"The game itself went really well too," Payne explained. "Connecticut started off slow in the first half, but they came out in the second half running the same plays and really executed better, so they started really killing it out there. The student section was into it the entire game and I really loved the atmosphere there. I had a lot of fun watching the game and that running back Andre Dixon ran really tough. I'd definitely give the visit a 9 out of 10. The only reason it wasn't a perfect visit is because I would have liked to have spent even more time there."

Did this visit put Connecticut in a better place with Payne?

"The visit definitely changed my thoughts on Connecticut and I have changed my top schools recently anyway," Payne stated. "My top three are probably Cincinnati, Connecticut and Clemson in that order at this point."

Look for Payne's relationship with Kashif Moore to help a bit here and also watch what happens with his Cherokee teammate Demetrius Richardson who has also been offered by the Huskies to play linebacker.

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