Glad to See Edsall Stay

With all of the coaching changes going on around the country, some recruits have their stomachs in knots waiting to see if they still have a place at the program that they had been offered by. Sio Moore certainly had some concerns when he heard that Head Coach Randy Edsall may be interested in other jobs, but he was glad to hear otherwise.

Sio Moore, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound weak side linebacker moved back to Apex, N.C., and played a little bit of everything this year, moving from offense, to defense, to special teams to help his Apex squad out wherever he could. The Connecticut commitment recently scheduled his official visit to Storrs and was relieved to hear Coach Randy Edsall was staying put.

"I am taking my official to Connecticut on December 8th and have Coach Matt Cersosimo coming to my school this week on Tuesday," Moore said. "I was just relieved that Coach Edsall stayed, because I was hearing that he may go and that made me think that I would have to look elsewhere because things could be kind of weird with a new coach. It was just great news to hear he was staying."

"We recently had our football banquet down here and I was named the Special Teams Player of the Year and Hitman of the Year, which essentially goes to the player that lays the most opponents out," Moore explained. "I was impressed how well Connecticut did this season and commend them on getting a share of the Big East Championship, especially after most had them finishing last in the conference before the season. I just hope everyone continues to work hard and doesn't grow complacent because it is all about consistency and I know that once I got that first offer I had to fight it off. It's just all about continuing to work hard and focusing on improving yourself."

Moore is sending his highlight film to us this week.

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