Lorenzen Hopes to Improve Against Temple

UConn quarterback Tyler Lorenzen knows the weight of the Huskies season likely rests on his shoulders.

If Lorenzen is solid and can manage the game, like last year, the Huskies are probably headed to another bowl game and a winning season. But that's not what the Huskies want to settle for.

If Uconn (1-0) is going to make a run at the Big East championship again and get to a BCS bowl game, the passing game needs to be more than manageable, it has to be a threat.

In an offseason that was dedicated to improving the passing game, Lorenzen's three interceptions in three quarters in the Huskies' 35-3 win made the postgame a downer.

Lorenzen didn't know how to act after the game. The Huskies won easily, but he had perhaps the worst game of his career, tossing for 184 yards and three interceptions – half of his total from 2007.

The three interceptions were a career-high. He threw six last season and only three in his one year playing at Palomar Junior College just outside San Diego. Nine interceptions in a college career prior to this season but three in the opener. Not what he was expecting.

Lorenzen wasn't sure what went wrong and he couldn't believe he piled up a game like that. He was confused, as were his parents who came from Iowa to watch the game (they come every week).

"We were all confused, I have never had a game like that," Lorenzen said.

So the Lorenzen family went to dinner after the game and tried to figure things out. The next day Lorenzen walked into Edsall's office to talk.

It was just a matter of decision making, that's what the film study said.

"Indecisive on some reads, a hair late throwing balls," Lorenzen said. "The third one was just a bad throw. It's all correctable stuff, just minor things."

Edsall replaced Lorenzen with redshirt freshman Cody Endres, who impressed going 4-of-5 for 49 yards. Edsall reiterated after the game that it was score related, and he wasn't benching his quarterback.

Edsall fully expects Lorenzen to be much more productive Saturday at Temple.

"He is going to play better," Edsall said. "That wasn't the real Tyler Lorenzen. You don't go a whole year with six interceptions and then throw three (in a game). The big thing is he is trying to do too much. He will be fine and I expect him to be a whole lot better."

He better be. Temple may be from the MAC and have a dubious record the last decade plus, but the Owls are the resurgence under head coach Al Golden. The Owls had the top ranked defense in the MAC a season ago and are coming off a devastating 35- 7 whipping of Army. Temple also is still smarting from a 22-17 loss at UConn where they felt they were robbed of a game-winning touchdown in the endzone when a tipped ball was corralled by Temple's Bruce Francis. Francis appeared to got one foot down in the back of the endzone but the officials ruled it incomplete. The replay official didn't feel there was sufficient evidence to overturn the play.

Lorenzen isn't concerned about Temple's emotional state. He is more interested in becoming productive again.

"It was mistakes. Throughout the game there were a lot of things I did right, but when I did it wrong, I did it real wrong," Lorenzen said. "I will learn from it and won't happen again."

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