UNLV Basketball Update

Just a quick update to you Premium Subscribers as to what each player is doing this summer...enjoy!

LaFonte Johnson - Tay is in Baltimore playing in a summer league with Steve Francis. Getting good run and improving daily, should be a strong contributor this year at the 1 and 2 spots, if he doesn't redshirt.

Omari Pearson - Working out, training, and playing ball every day this summer in Chicago. He has grown an inch and gained 10 pounds of muscle, and with our size problems that is GREAT news. He plans to log significant minutes in the post.

Lou Kelly - Playing in the Say No Classic. Slim and trim, starting to play the kind of ball we all know Lou is capable of. Working out regularly. The only thing that can hold him down is his attitude. Let's hope it doesn't.

Dalron Johnson - Was also in the Say No Classic in SoCal, and is working out back in LA now. Look for an amazing junior year out of DJ as he'll finally be the focal point of the offense.

Louis Amundson - Is in Vegas taking some classes and working out. AMAZING hops! This kid plays hard and will see minutes this year probably at the 3 and 4 spots.

ET - Coaching a summer league team (were in the Big Time Tourney) and waiting to hear back on the appeal for eligibility from the NCAA. Keep your fingers crossed as this kid can flat out play. He's also one of the nicest people you can hope to meet.

Holden and Bigby won't get to Vegas until just before school starts. We have heard Bigby is a great shooter with very good size and should be a nice surprise. We also haven't heard great things about Jamal Holden, but it does sound like he can rebound and block shots, which is all we need out of him.

JLew is obviously injured and rehabbing, we don't know if or when he will be ready this year.

Marcus Banks is in Argentina, he made the US Basketball team and is the captain and starting PG. Word around the campfire is he'll be the best PG on the west coast this year!

As far as we know, just hanging around Vegas and playing ball are Jevon and Booker.

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