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Could the Raiders really be moving to Vegas and how it effects UNLV

Here is what I can confirm and KNOW in regards to the Raiders and a possible move to Las Vegas according to multiple sources...

Here is what I can confirm and KNOW in regards to the Raiders and a possible  move to Las Vegas according to multiple sources:

The Sands Group (who is attempting to build the stadium) is meeting this Thursday to discuss (and potentially approve) a new stadium for the UNLV football program and the Raiders. Mark Davis, the Raiders owner, will be in attendance at the meeting on Thursday and speak at the meeting as well. Davis is ready to commit to moving the Raiders to Las Vegas at the meeting Thursday if they approve the new stadium.

The Raiders would move in 2017 or 2018 and play at Sam Boyd stadium until the new stadium is built. Davis already has toured the stadium with Tony Sanchez and the UNLV president and AD, and is on board with playing there temporarily. The NFL will NOT block a move to Las Vegas because it is a new market, a new stadium and a new revenue stream for the owners. Also, with the Chargers looking more and more like they are staying in San Diego, the NFL will add another market. The new stadium would also host a Super Bowl and other NFL events as well.

Lastly, the NFL has deals with Draft Kings and Fan Duel, so they cannot use gambling as the reason (excuse) as to why they wouldn't allow/approve the Raiders moving to Vegas. When you (the NFL) have two of the largest "fantasy sports" (gambling) companies paying you millions of dollars in advertising revenue and your partners (namely ESPN) as well, there is no way they can argue gambling as a reason to keep the Raiders out.

The positives for UNLV is the facilities and stadium will (presumably) be at or near the top for the school. It would also mean the Las Vegas Bowl may start to become a more desired bowl and the likely hood of hosting a National Championship game would also increase (which would be excellent for local businesses and UNLV). A new stadium and facilities are MAJOR recruiting pluses, something that Tony Sanchez and his staff would welcome (keep in mind they are already ding a great job). The Raiders and UNLV already SEEM TO HAVE a great relationship and this is something that Mark Davis has been working on behind closed doors for (at least) a year.      

 It looks like Las Vegas will have an NFL team of the stadium is built.

Stay tuned, this is about to get interesting!!

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