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Here is the latest regarding the Rebels & Raiders stadium partnership

Here are the updates and the quotes from the stadium meeting today

Here is the LATEST from the #UNLV & #Raiders stadium meeting:
Mark Davis and David Beckham are in attendance for the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure meeting
Mark Davis: "First off the Raiders are undefeated in Las Vegas"
Mark Davis pledges Raiders will contribute $500 million to the stadium project if approved. Together we can turn the Silver State into the Silver-and-Black State."
Davis continued “With your help it won't be another 50 years until the Raiders play in Las Vegas."
Davis added "Las Vegas would not just be getting a football team, they would be getting everyone who has worn the silver and black for the last 56 years"
Davis- "there's a misconception that football teams are owned by billionaires looking for handouts". Says he wants to be a "partner"
The Raiders participate in over 300 community events per year, affecting the lives of over 2 million families.
Bringing the NFL to Las Vegas "is a transformative process that will benefit the city, the community, and the university"
Tim Leiwike said Dome Stadium would bring an MLS team to Las Vegas. LVSands board member Jason Ader is here - he wants to own an MLS team.
The design, financing, construction and operation of the stadium would be handled by a new Clark County Stadium Authority.
Just a reminder that NO DECISIONS are being made today regarding stadium, but the committee will make "recommendations" for a meting scheduled for this summer.
The stadium committee seeking special session in August to approve stadium. Mark Davis in turn to seek NFL approval late this year/early next.
Mayor Goodman speaking in STRONG support of the new stadium.
The Mayor of Las Vegas says, "This has been 17 years in the making." She's directly speaking to Davis & Beckham.
Davis- "We're willing to play a preseason game at Sam Boyd Stadium beginning in the 2017 NFL season."
Davis: It's challenging but it's an exciting kind of challenge. We could make this the greatest gameday experience in the #NFL"
Davis: "I'm willing to make a "lifetime commitment" to stay in Las Vegas if the stadium is built."
Davis: "NFL owners looking for a proposal that's "actionable, financeable, & valuable."

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