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Welcome to Inside The Rebels. I’ll begin the session with the ground rules so everyone knows what we are doing here. Everything that is reported in Inside The Rebels must stay in the Inside The Rebels forum and can be talked about in the general forums. Sometimes the info is sensitive enough that it simply does not need to be passed on beyond the doors of this thread.

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With the next Southern Nevada Tourist Infrastructure Committee (SNTIC) meeting slated for August 25th, some news was given to me (and needs to remain here in the ITR forum). I was told by multiple sources that the Bali Hai site is the preferred choice by the Raiders, Sands/Majestic Group, NFL and UNLV a well as the gaming commission. The lease for the site, per a source, has a transferrable agreement between the developers and Billy Walters. I was told it is "very close" to being a "done deal as long as the finances make sense for all" by one source and another sources added "the finances are all but agreed upon."

Another sources told me that there was a meeting in July between the NFL's "power brokers" and Raiders owner Mark Davis. At this meeting, which was not reported and was asked to not be spoke of, Rams owner Stan Kronkie pledged to "make sure everything goes smooth for Davis and the Raiders get the deal done in Las Vegas." Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Patriots owners Robert Kraft also pledged their support to Davis and ensured that the Raiders will be in Las Vegas.

I was also told that the land study that the FAA requires has been done for the two UNLV sites (Trop 42 and Thomas and Mack) and it does included the Bali Hai site. I was told by sources that the FAA wouldn't have an issue on the Bali Hai site depending on where the stadium would be placed and how far down the developers dig.

Lastly, I was told that at this time, the SNTIC has secured enough votes to pass the financing for the stadium to Nevada Governor Sandoval, but it depends on how much has to be financed and it could change if "someone get's a hair up their butt."

Big Time Arizona WR commits to Rebels:

JJ Johnson, a WR from Chandler Arizona, committed to UNLV last week Saturday. JJ is a very talented WR (#4 in the state of Arizona and in the 150 WR's in the country) who caught for over 100 yards and had 3 pancake blocks in his season debut on Friday (here are his highlights). Johnson has nice size (6'1/185) and plays the "slot" receiver position. He takes pride in his blocking and has enough speed to keep defenses honest. JJ is very excited about becoming a Rebel and he is also scheduled to be interviewed by InsideTheRebels this week to talk about his commitment and why he chose UNLV.   


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