Here is the latest news regarding the Rebels and info on the Raiders/Rebels stadium partnership

Here is the latest news regarding the Rebels and info on the Raiders/Rebels stadium partnership

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UNLV Head Coach Tony Sanchez named Johnny Stanton that Rebels starting quarterback for the season opener the Rebels, but Kurt Palandech will also play for the Rebels week 1. One could assume that it is a major confidence booster for Stanton and it just may be the thing that propels Stanton to get a firm grasp on the starting quarterback position. Stanton has all the tools to be a very good player for the Rebels and while he didn't win the starting job outright in spring or even in summer camp, Stanton seemed to have won over his teammates, which is big. Depending on how Stanton plays early on, this could be the type of move that really helps UNLV end the rotation at the most important position on the field.

By also settling on Stanton it helps the Rebels on and off the field. In terms of on the field, Palandech has a skill set to manage the offense and give the Rebels a quality back-up with much needed experience should Stanton falter or go down with an injury. It also will allow the Rebels to not rush the development of prized recruit Armani Rogers, who may now redshirt. With Rogers talent, a year to fully learn the system and understand the nuances of the offense would only help and give him an advantage going forward. When Rogers is called upon to play, he'll be more comfortable and confident on the field and in the huddle.


At the SNTIC meeting on Thursday, August 25th the Raiders showed the renderings of the proposed stadium that they would share with UNLV. If you haven't seen the pictures take a look below, they are amazing. While I reported that the SNTIC would vote to recommend to send the proposed funding up to the legislature in Reno, it didn't happen. But just because it didn't happen doesn't mean it won't and the meeting was not viewed as successful by all parties involved. I was told by a source that the Raiders were VERY PLEASED with the meeting and think the next meeting, whether it is the scheduled meeting on September 15th or a special session, will have the recommendation of the SNTIC. I was also told that the Sands/Majestic group also "toasted to a very good meeting" by a source and echo the Raiders feelings. As for the SNTIC, sources told me that the committee also feels that the meeting was successful and think a deal can happen "soon." 

The Raiders also have entered an agreement to purchase the 60+ acres on the Russell Road site. This is a major development and it will not have any resistance for the FAA, clearing one major hurdle.   

During the meting, the Sands group said that the $750 million dollars are "non-negotiable." I have a very hard time believing that the group, being as close as it is to securing a recommendation by the SNTIC, would walk away and not come down in price (by as much as $100 million). I have a "feeling" you'll see the Sands group bend just enough to make a deal happen and walk away very pleased.

As for UNLV and how the stadium effects the Rebels football program, here is what I know. During the meeting the dollar figure of $250,000 per game was thrown out as the Rebels "rent" for using the proposed stadium. The Rebels currently pay $3 million to use Sam Boyd Stadium and would pay the same amount for the use of the new stadium. Also, all events scheduled at Sam Boyd would then be played at the new stadium as well, effectively making Sam Boyd nothing more but memories of Rebels and Las Vegas Bowl games of the past.

The Raiders and the Sands group also want to get a deal done as soon as possible to help UNLV get into a Power 5 Conference. They offered (and still may) to accompany UNLV President Len Jessup this week when he meets with the Big 12 in hopes of gaining an invitation to join the Power 5 Conference.

Here are the renderings of the proposed stadium:       

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