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Now that the Nevada legislature and assembly passed the Las Vegas Stadium bill...

Now that the Nevada legislature and assembly passed the Las Vegas Stadium bill...

Now that the Nevada legislature and assembly passed the Las Vegas Stadium bill, both by a two-thirds vote, and with Governor Sandoval and Mark Davis signing the bill Monday at the Venetian in Las Vegas, there will be reports about the relocation and how the NFL would or will vote. I have spent the past 2 days talking with my sources and have gathered the following information.

1. Mark Davis is NOT having ANY conversations with the city of Oakland and won't, he is DONE with the city of Oakland and their mayor. The NFL is, because the NFL LOVES to pit cities against each others for leverage and to best the best deal possible for the league itself and the team (IE: who will make them the MOST MONEY and gain MORE value to the teams worth).

2. The NFL is NOT going to push a vote back for a year. NFL sources have told me REPEATEDLY that the league will vote in mid-Jan or Feb on relocation for the Raiders. The owners are going to go through the Las Vegas Stadium bill thoroughly to make sure it is their best option. There is already enough support by some of the most powerful owners in the NFL to help convince the others to vote for the relocation. There is A LOT of "other, non-football related" negotiating going on behind closed doors.

3. Mark Davis has 2 MAJOR cards he can play to make the move happen.

A. Sue the NFL. He can sue the NFL IF they decide that the move is NOT in the best interest of the team (in their mind). If he were to do this, the NFL could pull
the $200M loan will give him, but he would most likely win and get that money back.

B. With the LVCC not being as large as once thought due to the LV Stadium, he can force Sheldon Adelson to give him more money on the stadium  revenue split (which is what the NFL wants to see happen). He can do this since Adelson wants to have conventions at the Stadium (as well as the other events). If Davis were to do this and actually pull out, the stadium would then go to UNLV and it won't be nearly as large and ready for MAJOR events.

4. The NFL will NOT force Mark Davis to sell, but want to have a contingency plan to their liking should something happen to Mark or when he passes away. The NFL wanting Mark out is NOT new news, in-fact, they have been trying to find a way to get the Davis family out for 10+ years.  They do have a person in mind and could force Mark to make him the "heir apparent" as a compromise to allowing him to move to Las Vegas.  

5. The NFL is not a Sheldon Adelson fan, but is a fan of his money. The NFL doesn't want Adelson as an owner, and Mark Davis IS NOT SELLING ANY PORTION OF THE TEAM TO ANYONE, including Ronnie Lott. The "Chianese Crime Syndicate" lie....err, I mean theory is NOT a concern of the NFL and the person spewing these lies should NOT be taken seriously and is laughed at and called "delusional" by NFL people (and those in the NFL that have encountered him).

6. UNLV will not be paying more then the operating costs of the stadium, which is huge for the school.

7. UNLV has already had preliminary talks with the Pac-12 Conference and Big-12, but the Pac-12 is legitimately interested in the Rebels and vice versa. Now that the stadium is happening, look for the 3 parties to meet again and for the Rebels to be in a Power-5 Conference in the next 3-7 years.   

As I have stated on every Periscope that I do regarding on this, it will be a roller coaster and just put your hands up and enjoy the ride.   


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