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Raiders could be in Las Vegas sooner rather than later

Could the Raiders be in Las Vegas sooner than anyone thinks?

I got this info from a trusted source tonight: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaf is planning to "kick the Raiders out of O.Dot Coliseum" (i.e. break the lease) if (when) they get approved to move to Las Vegas by the NFL owners (in March). This might be a knee jerk reaction, but I was told that the Raiders obviously are taking the threat seriously and have made provisions with UNLV and Sam Boyd Stadium. I was told by a source "Schaf **** the bed" when Nevada passed the $750M for a new stadium that would be the new home for UNLV and Raiders. "She was totally in denial that would happen up until it actually did" according to my source.

I was told Mark Davis has since changed or lessoned his stance on staying the 2 extra years for the first time since camp. It makes the Sam Boyd info I talked about on Periscope add up.

I talked to a UNLV source this morning and he said a few things regarding Sam Boyd:

1. They're working on an agreement between UNLV/Raiders for "emergency" lease of SBS behind the scenes which would be favorable to all parties involved.

2. Locker rooms are going to be expanded/remodeled regardless based off NFL preseason games being played there & are priority over expansion; they're just not big enough to accommodate NFL teams.

3. Stadium would add temp seating (7k-10k) if needed & being discussed not only between UNLV/Raiders but w/ other event partners currently at SBS & whether they would be willing to pitch in for considerations down the road. It would be done in phases, Locker rooms, then expansion & then a huge marketing blitz selling SBS final year and season tickets to the new stadium, but it's about trying to maximize revenues.

Stay tuned, the roller coaster ride is just about to get really wild.

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