Jacob Rominger

Rebels committ Jacob Rominger tells why UNLV was the place for him to bring his game & intesity

Jacob Rominger talks UNLV commitment and what was the main thing that had the impressive linebacker choose the Rebels.

I had the privilege, pleasure and opportunity to interview UNLV's latest commitment, linebacker Jacob Rominger from Highland Community College in Highland, Kansas on the Inside The Rebels Podcast as well as for print here on the ITR site. I can away impressed with his football IQ, enthusiasm and passion for the game. His personality will make him an instant fan favorite and the type of player that fans and teammates will adore.

1.What was the deciding factor in choosing the rebels over the other schools?

I had a lot of talks with my coaches and parents about this decision. The biggest deciding factor in choosing UNLV was the coaching staff I've talked to, mostly coach Sanchez. His passion and enthusiasm really intrigued me. His vision for the program is something I'm definitely buying into and can't wait to be an asset in what him and the coaching staff are doing. I'm ready to contribute and make an impact on and off the field. Coach Baer also contributed a lot to my decision, letting me know that I can come in and make an impact early and play. I'm embracing this opportunity and can't wait to be there this spring.

2. What do you consider your strengths as a linebacker and what areas could you or do you expect to improve on?

I think my biggest strength I have as a linebacker is my football IQ and toughness. Being a former quarterback helps me with the offensive schemes the opposing team is trying to do. The biggest thing I really want to work on is my down hill attacking. I really want to improve on getting into the back field faster and getting more sacks and tackles for losses.

3. Can you describe your game or style of play to the rebels fans? Who do you pattern your game after in terms of an NFL player?

The game I play is full out effort every play of the game. My father taught me to give tremendous effort and be someone the coaches can't take you off the field. I love flying around and making plays. A NFL player I look up to and try to model my play on is the middle linebacker for the chiefs, Derrick Johnson. He's been in the league for many years and plays the game the same way, mean and savage. I love watching him play and want to be like him at the next level.

4. What made you decide to switch from quarterback to linebacker?

It really came down to trusting my coaches. I came to Highland as a quarterback and my coaches saw the potential in me to be a better athlete and player for the team if I moved to linebacker. I made the switch and I haven't looked back at all, it has opened up many doors for me including the chance to come play for UNLV and I couldn't be happier.

5. Coach Sanchez sold you one becoming a building block of the UNLV football program going forward, what about that sales pitch got you the most fired up?

The biggest thing that got me fired up was the enthusiasm for the direction of the program. The steps that he and the rest of the coaches are taking are promising and if everyone buys into it, this can be a special team. He talked a lot about how this is a big family too and I love a football team with that brotherhood feeling. He got me fired up about coming in and making an immediate impact.

6. What are your personal goals for the upcoming season and have you reached your goals that you set for yourself for this past season?

My personal goals for every season are to help the team win in any manner, and putting my full effort forward knowing I did everything I could on that field to win. My goal for UNLV is to come in and bring my upbeat and fired up love for football to the team. My goal is to help this team win in anyway I can help. My goal this past season was the same thing. I want to help the team in anyway possible.

7. What message do you want to pass along to UNLV fans?

The message I want to pass along is I can't wait to get to Vegas and be apart of this great city, this great fan base, and great family the football team has. I'm beyond excited to have the opportunity to play in front of these amazing fans and make an impact early. I'm here to better my best everyday. Whether that's in the classroom, weight room, at practice or in the film room. I can't wait to put on the Rebel jersey!

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