One of the best kept secrets in recruiting, Bean tells us about his recent visit to UNLV

One of the most underrated players, 3 star Grace Brethren HS Tight End Noah Bean, tells ITR about his recent visit to UNLV and what makes the school standout to him. He also tells us about his experience watching the Rebels beat the Wyoming Cowboys and what it was like for him after the game ended.

Under head Coach Tony Sanchez, UNLV has had a knack for finding players that are underrated or "slept on" by Power-5 schools. That is indeed the case for 3 star Grace Brethren HS (Simi Valley, CA) Tight End Noah Bean. What Bean possess is the "new age" Tight End size/speed combo with outstanding leaping ability and a knack for high pointing the ball away from defenders. The 6'3/220 Senior was at the Rebels most recent home game against Wyoming and talked to Inside The Rebels about his experience and the environment Coach Sanchez is creating at UNLV. I came away very impressed with Noah, who is an even keeled person who is passionate about football and pursuing a degree in business finance. If he does decide to attend UNLV, Bean has an unlimited potential ceiling and would be a huge weapon for the Rebels offense.   

1. What were you thinking watching that CRAZY game between UNLV and Wyoming? How did you feel after the game and describe what the locker room scene was for you?

As for the triple OT, it was crazy because right when we thought it was over they (Wyoming) came back. And it showed a lot about the team for not giving up and finishing all the way through. As for the locker room the energy was very high. 

2. Being that you are built and play like a new age NFL Tight End, how do you envision yourself fitting in to Rebel's offense (should you decide to attend UNLV)?

If I do decide to attend UNLV, I think I would fit into there offense great. They already run the there TE in the slot, that's what I love to do create miss matches for safety's and linebackers.

3. What are the reasons you are considering UNLV and do you think you can come in and play right away as a freshman?

I'm considering UNLV because it feels like a family and could be a very easy transition from Grace Brethren.

4. What are your strengths on the field as a TE and what are your areas that you need to improve on? 

I think my strengths would be my hunger to go up and get the ball when it is thrown. I have good hands and I believe not many TE's can move like I can.  I would like to improve on my speed and getting in and out of my breaks.

5. You were with some of the other UNLV top recruits at your respective positions over the weekend, how did you and the other recruits that were at the game get a long? Have you played against any of them or knew them prior to the visit?

I've been to a couple camps with some of them, but for the most part everyone at the game stayed in their own lane.

6. What was your overall impression of your UNLV trip, the program in general and has the new Fertitta Football Complex and stadium that will be built soon played a role in your impression of UNLV? Also, what do you think of Coach Sanchez and they way his staff is recruiting you? Have they impressed you? 

As for what they are building, it seems to me that UNLV is going to be a very special place for the multiple years to come, and Coach Sanchez, I've followed him a lot since he was at Bishop Gorman and I love his style of coaching and how he is off the field as well.  

7. Lastly, what are you looking for in a school? If you had to list the things that matter most to you, what are they?

I'm looking for a school to help me with school as well as helping me to be the best man and student athlete as I can be.

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