UNLV Recruit Devin Lloyd Talks Recruiting and Goals

UNLV landed a commitment from a raw bur talented safety named Devin Lloyd. The playmaking safety talked to Inside The Rebels about his commitment to UNLV and what goals he has set for himself and his new team.

The UNLV Rebels need to fill two holes at safety this upcoming season and when they secured the commitment from Otay Ranch (Chula Vista, Ca) star Devin Lloyd, they had to feel better about one of the sports. The 6'4/210 playmaking safety is truly a ball hawk. Lloyd had 8 interceptions (2 returned for touch downs) and is just learning to play the position. He has the size teams love and the work ethic to match. My first conversation with Devin was cut short because he had to go to the gym and workout. It was 7pm PST and he said he wouldn't be out till' "around 10ish." 
Devin has the raw ability to be a force against the run as well as pass. With his size/speed and physicality, he is the type of player that has a limitless ceiling. With his type of ability, the Rebels truly have the type of player that is a hybrid with the type of mentality that can help transform a defense.
Here is one of the latest Rebel commits, Devin Lloyd:
1. When you took your visit what stood out to you? What made you choose UNLV?

  • The friendly environment really stood out to me. I want to go to a place that feels like a home away from home, and I feel that UNLV will be that place.
2. You have NFL size and the frame to add more weight while not loosing speed. Who do you pattern your game after? What role do you see yourself having in the Rebels defense? Do you think you can contribute right away?

  • The main person I model my game after is Kam Chancellor. I see myself playing a key role in stopping the run and pass. I feel I can contribute to help the team from day 1.
3. What do you think, as a safety, you need to improve on and what are your strengths?

  • I feel I need to work on getting in and out of my breaks quicker and getting more fluidity with my hips. I feel I have good instinct of the game and with my size, good playmaking abilities.
4. When considering UNLV compared to other schools that have offered you, what stood out to you about the Rebels?

  • The coaching staff and players were great, the program is headed in the right direction, and I know no matter what, I will be leaving with a good degree.

5. On your visit you were with some of the Rebels targets. How did you get along with them and what types of conversations did you have with them? Since you committed early in the process, did you try and cement commitments from them as well?
  • I got along with them very well. Most of the ones I went with on my visit actually committed to UNLV, so I'm excited to have them as teammates.
6. Your positive attitude, enthusiasm and work ethic are things that really stand out to me. I mean, the first time we talked you had to get off the phone right away to go work out! Where did you get such a positive qualities? Are you a leader in the locker room and how competitive are you?

  • I'm extremely competitive. You can ask anybody about me, I hate losing! No matter what it is! With that being said, I definitely work hard to be the best player, student and overall person I can be.
7. What is your overall impression of your UNLV trip, the program in general and the coaching staff led by Head Coach Tony Sanchez? How big a role, in any, did the new Fertitta Football Complex play into your commitment?

  • I love everything about UNLV. The program continues to get better and better every year and the coaching staff is full of vibrant, experienced coaches who I feel will help me get to the next level. I'm extremely excited about the new complex being built, but even if it wasn't, I could still see myself being a Rebel.
8. Being that you are a California native, how do you feel about the Raiders "potentially" moving to Las Vegas? Do you look forward to playing in a stadium shared with the Raiders?

  • I'm not really a raiders fan, but its definitely going be good for the city to have a football team out there and playing in the brand new stadium is going to be crazy, I'm really looking forward to it.
9. What were you looking for in a school? What do you plan on majoring in and what were the things that mattered to you the most in choosing a school?

  • I was looking for a school that I will leave with a good degree and a place the will make me a better person in and off the field. I plan on majoring in business and management. Some things that mattered the most are if I can see myself living here after I graduate.
10. Is there anything you want to add? Go a head a leave a message for UNLV Football fans?

  • Just know the future is really bright, and we have a lot on our checklist. Go undefeated, conference championship, get our cannon back and a national championship! We won't settle for anything less but we need your support! GoRebs!!
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