UNLV Commit Daniel Schoene Talks to ITR about being a Rebel

NSD 2017: Inside The Rebels Exclusive interview with Bakersfield offensive guard and UNLV commit Daniel Schoene.

I had the pleasure to speak with Daniel Schoene, an offensive guard who is a UNLV commit from Bakersfield, CA. This kid is going to be LOVED by the fan base and teammates and probably disliked by opponents because of his tough as nails, never give up, go hard to the whistle attitude. Daniel is one of the best young men I have spoke with and when you're done talking with him you can't help but feel like you can run through a wall. He is a natural leader who played some of his senior year with a knee injury which caused him to miss practice but not any games.  

UNLV has landed one hell of a player.

Watching his tape I seen a player that played with that "nasty" I love in offensive lineman and nonstop, battle to whistle guy with a great motor. He plays every play like it is his last play. He is exactly what you look for in a guard, he the size you like in in an interior lineman (6'6/310) and will only add more muscle on (I believe he will end up in the 330 range by the start of his sophomore year) as well as even more functional strength.

Here is my interview with 2017 UNLV commit Daniel Schoene, exclusively on Inside The Rebels:

1. What were you thinking when you took your official visit to UNLV? How did you feel during and after the trip?
My official visit was the best visit I have ever taken, I had my parents with me and they went on a recruiting trip to Stanford for my brother and UNLV was so much better, they are more organized and they we straight forward. They truly care for there players. 
2. Being that you play with a nasty streak and never give up attitude how do you envision yourself fitting in to Rebel's offense? 
I see my self fitting in very well, that's one thing about San Jose I didn't like, I LOVE to go out and just battle and fight, UNLV likes to fight and battle. The offensive will be the best in the nation if everybody sacrifices there body's for the greater cause of the team and it all starts with one guy and I want to be that guy to be the one getting hurt and fighting through adversity and be a role model for the team. 
3. What are the reasons you chose UNLV and do you think you can come in and play right away as a freshman?
I chose UNLV because they have 3 VERY GREAT coaches that will get after me and push me to be better then I was the day before. I don't know if I can come in right away and play as a freshman. It all depends on what happenes in summer camp. I can tell you that I am training to be the best linemen in the mountain west and I'm training to play. 
4. What are your strengths on the field as a OL and what are your areas that you need to improve on? 
My strengths as a Linemen are  communicating with the other linemen and quarterbacks on what the defensive is doing if there slanting or blitzing. I'm not the fastest linemen but I am the fastest linemen for the first 15 yards. The thing I am best at is going head to head with some one and just playing smash mouth football till after the whistle. 
5. Have you played against, spoke with or seen any of the other UNLV commits from this class or previous classes?
Yes I have spoken to all of the UNLV commits from this year, this is a phenomenal Recruiting class that is coming in, lots of great attitudes and lots of hard working kids. I have also talked to a lot of the players that are all ready playing and some of the kids from this past years recruiting class. Once I committed it was like I joined a huge family!!
6. What was your overall impression of your UNLV trip, the program in general? Has the new Fertitta Football Complex and stadium that will be built soon played a role in your impression of UNLV? Also, what do you think of Coach Sanchez and they way his staff is recruiting you? Have they impressed you?   
My impression of UNLV football is that the weak aren't welcomed, and only the strong mentally and physically can make it at the program. It's not all about football they teach us about life, family and how to treat women. It is a truly great program!! The new facilities are nice and all but I didn't commit to the facilities, I committed to the coaches. At my high school our field is called Astro-Dirt. Our locker room had rats and black widows in it. I played on top of rocks a lot of times, I don't care where I play as long as I have coach Sanchez coach Cotten and coach Garrisson coaching me. Coach Sanchez is the nicest football coach I have ever met!! He is very respectful to others views and thoughts. He is a phenomenal football coach because he holds his players accountable for there actions like I said before the weak are not welcomed because blaming some one else is weak. Coach Sanchez will be one of the best college coaches that  will coach in the NCAA!!
7. What are you looking for in a school? If you had to list the things that matter most to you, what are they?
The things that matter most are if the team treats other members as family and if the coaches holds everybody accountable for there actions and the team has to have a big  schedule ahead so we can have exposure(as long as the exposure doesn't happen the very last game). 
8. Is there a message you want UNLV fans and Alum to know about you and what you bring to the team?
Yes, I want the UNLV fans to know that every game that I will play in if I'm doing special teams or if I'm starting at line I will go 100% no mater what happens to my body. Las Vegas has done so much for me and I owe Las Vegas my life for letting me play college football and my life I shall give. If it's 120 degrees or -50 degrees I'm always going to go 100% because I know once it starts to hurt your only at 50%. 
 On National Signing Day, Daniel will have a letter penned for all UNLV fans exclusively here on Inside The Rebels.

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