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Drew Tejchman Talks Commitment to UNLV & More

North Cobb HS (Kennesaw, GA) Wide receiver Drew Tejchman talks about committing to the Rebels, why playing on the west coast played a role in his decision and how to pronounce his last name correctly.

North Cobb HS (Kennesaw, GA) Wide Receiver Drew Tejchman had options. NC State, Purdue, Tulane, Arkansas St. and others were recruiting him hard, but in the end UNLV won it in-part due to him wanting to play in the west coast. Tejchman (pronounced TECH-man) has all the tools to be a very gifted player early on for the Rebels. He has the size (6'0/185), athleticism and breakaway speed to be a threat for the Rebels from day 1. He also has the work ethic to match. He has been a varsity player since his Sophomore year in High School and helped his team go deep into the playoffs the past 2 years.

When we spoke last week, Drew impressed me with his knowledge of football and what he looked for in a school. He has already hit it off with other Rebels recruits and they all speak daily with each other. 

Here is Drew Tejchman, a Rebel commitment and member of the UNLV 2017 recruiting class


1. What were you thinking on your official visit to UNLV?
When I came on my official visit I was amazed on everything I saw, because of the city and the facilities. Loved everything about my visit. 
2. Being that you are built and play like the prototypical NFL WR, how do you envision yourself fitting in to Rebel's offense?
I feel I'll fit very well because of my ability to play inside and outside. 
3. What are the reasons you are chose UNLV and do you think you can come in and play right away?
I picked UNLV because I thought it was a great fit for me and loved the coaches, also dreamed about playing on the west coast. I feel that I can come and play right away with my size and speed too.
4. What made the west coast so appealing to you?
The west coast weather and is something new for me also, always looked like my style of football.
5. What are your strengths on the field as a WR and what are your areas that you need to improve on? 
I feel my strengths on the field are my rout running and my hands. I need to work on my quick burst. 
6. You were with some of the other UNLV top recruits at your respective positions over the weekend, how did you and the other recruits that were at the game get a long? Have you played against any of them or knew them prior to the visit?
The other recruits and I got along well and I did not know them prior to the visit and have never played them. 
7. What was your overall impression of your UNLV trip, the program in general and has the new Fertitta Football Complex and stadium that will be built soon played a role in your impression of UNLV? Also, what do you think of Coach Sanchez and they way his staff is recruiting you? Have they impressed you?   
Really enjoyed my trip, the new facility that is being built really excites me. I feel the coaches have done a great job and also coach Sanchez is a great coach. 
8. What were you looking for in a school? If you had to list the things that matter most to you, what are they?
The location is a big thing and then all the majors. 
9. You turned down NC State, Purdue and others to attend UNLV. What was it that stood out about the Rebels?
The great coaches and I see a lot of bright things happening in the future with coach Sanchez, also it being in the west coast and having a good connection with coach smith. 
10. Just so the UNLV fan base knows how to say it properly, how do you pronounce your last name?
Tejchman is a German name and the j is silent. 

You can follow Drew on Twitter @drew_tejchman

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