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Greg Francis Talks About His Commitment to UNLV & More

Greg Francis hasn't lost a game in his high school career at Bishop Gorman, has played for Tony Sanchez and talks about his commitment to UNLV, playing with his childhood friend and helping bringing a Bowl win to his hometown of Las Vegas.

Greg Francis has accomplished a lot in his high school career. He has won 2 National Titles, 4 NIAA State Titles, never lost a game and practice against some of the highest rated recruits in the country. He has also played for UNLV Head Coach Tony Sanchez and knows what to expect from his now college head coach. Francis also was underrated and under recruited and fits the theme of the type of players that UNLV is brining in to Las Vegas. The play maker is looking to make an impact on the field right away and wants to help change the culture at UNLV while playing with his childhood friend, high school and now college teammate Farrell Hester.

In talking to Francis I came away impressed with his savvy and football IQ. He also has a great sense of humor and  is well liked by this recruiting class, one that is already close and communicates daily. Francis has the skill set and size to be an impactful player for the Rebels and will give the Rebels secondary much needed athleticism, quality depth and is a player who plans on coming in and competing from day 1.

Here is Bishop Gorman's own Greg Francis, talking about his commitment to UNLV:

1. Being that you are a Las Vegas local, what were you thinking watching the UNLV games this season?
Being a local and watching the UNLV games this season i thought they did a way better job then they have done in the past years. I can tell the difference in the program and team since Coach Tony Sanchez has been there. I kept thinking about how i cant wait to play at Sam Boyd Stadium and contributing to the team.
2. Being that you are built and play like the prototypical NFL hybrid Safety/CB, how do you envision yourself fitting in to Rebel's defense?
Being the player that I am I felt like I fit really well into the Rebels defense.  They play a lot of different coverages and i like that. Most of there coverages I'm already familiar with and I've been playing already.
3. What are the reasons you are choosing UNLV and do you think you can come in and play right away?
The reasons I chose UNLV is the love the coaches and city were showing me. The coaches were constantly talking to me threw my recruiting process and always kept a close relationship with me. Then Las Vegas was showing me nothing but love it was all positive and a great atmosphere. I also chose UNLV because of what they are trying to become over there. They are turning the program around into something special and i want to be apart of that. Yes my goal is to come in and play right away as a true freshman. 
4. What are your strengths on the field as a DB and what are your areas that you need to improve on? 
I feel that my strengths as a DB is that i can come up and press and also play in space. I’m very psychical at the line and my footwork has also improved a lot. I think there's always room for improve in all areas. I just want to be the best i can be.
5. You were with some of the other UNLV top recruits at your respective positions during your official visit, how did you and the other recruits that were at the game get a long? Have you played against any of them or knew them prior to the visit?
Me and all the recruits coming in have a really close relationship since our official visits together. We talk almost everyday in our group chats and other things. No i didn't get the chance to play against any of them but i had already been close friends with Markell (Grayson) our QB commit.
6. How big of a role did playing with your friend and Bishop Gorman teammate Farrell Hester play in your decision to choose UNLV?
Farrell played a big role in my decision on choosing UNLV. I've played with Farrell for four years and we have a lot of chemistry. We are very close friends and always talked about how it would be to play together at UNLV. He’s one of the best linebackers in the country and i know i can count on him to make big plays.
7. Being that you haven't lost a game in High School and have back-to-back High School National championships, what can you bring to the Rebels based off that experience?
Being that I haven't lost a game and have three national championships, I'm bring in a winning mentality. I want to win all of our conference games and the Mountain West. So i have to bring that same energy to the team.
8. What was your overall impression of your UNLV trip, the program in general and has the new Fertitta Football Complex and stadium that will be built soon played a role in your impression of UNLV? Also, what do you think of Coach Sanchez and they way his staff is recruiting you? Have they impressed you?   
My UNLV trip went great. My official visit is what sealed the deal. I got to see all the things they had to offer, get closer with the coaches and i got to see where the program is headed in the future. The new Fertitta Football Complex and stadium was all just a plus. Those things showed me that they are really trying to turn the program around and do something special at UNLV. I loved the way Coach Sanchez and his coaching staff was recruiting me. They showed me that i can come in and do big things for UNLV. I was really impressed with them.
9. Lastly, what were you looking for in a school? If you had to list the things that matter most to you, what would they be?

The most important things i was looking for in a school was a great program, great coaching staff, somewhere i could really display my talents, a good recruiting class and lastly somewhere that felt like home and UNLV had all of those things.

You can Follow Greg on Twitter @gmf_4

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