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Q&A with Armani Rogers

Inside The Rebels Sits Down with Redshirt Freshman Armani Rogers.

Inside The Rebels spoke with highly touted UNLV RS freshman QB Armani Rogers and asked him somethings about the upcoming season, and life in general. 

Joe: A year ago to now, what's the big difference in what you have had to go through in being a quarterback for UNLV? 

Armani: Mental toughness. Being able to sit back there and know the whole offense like the back of your hand, read defenses, feel comfortable. You have to be poised in the pocket and you can't be rushing anywhere. If you aren't mentally ready for it, it's going be a big difference for the year of me sitting out and so now, I'm mentally tough. I'm ready for it. 

Joe: How comfortable are you with the playbook so far? 

Armani: I'm very comfortable with it. There's still some little stuff that i have to work with, but for all the stuff we've been putting in I feel like I'm very comfortable at the speed we've been putting it in. 

Joe: If you could go through the process again of redshirting to now, how frustrating was it to redshirt last year? 

Armani: It was frustrating, but I see why they did it and it made me a better person and it built character. Just as far as being ready to come in and play this year.

Joe: What do you think you need to improve on going into the season?

Armani: Just keeping my feet hot and little fundamental things. Nothing major, but just little things. 

Joe: What do you think going into this season will be your strength? 

Armani: Being poised in the pocket and running when I have to. Not looking to run first and then throwing, but as far as ripping the defense apart with my arm and then killing them with my legs. 

Joe: What's one of the things quarterback-wise that you wanted to mimic, or you looked at when you were growing up?

Armani: I started watching Cam Newton when he came out from Auburn and I was as big as him, so I used a little of his game, Tom Brady's game, Peyton Manning's. Just a little bit of everybody and I've combined myself and made myself into that. 

Joe: Coming from Los Angeles to Vegas, what's the difference and some obstacles that you have had to get used to transitioning from LA to Vegas?

Armani: It's not really obstacles, because I've moved around as a kid. So i'm used to being put into different situations. It's just how you adjust and it's one of those things where you have to make the best outcome of your living space. 

Joe: Lastly, being the son of a professional athlete, you've had some advantages and disadvantages. Can you talk about that a little bit? 

Armani: He put me on game as a little kid with everything, as far as what I had to do and to make sacrifices. That's some of the disadvantages. You're gonna miss birthday parties and you're gonna have to miss certain things. But the sacrifices are all going to be worth it at the end of the day. 

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