2018 Recruiting Update

10 Names for 2018 You Should Know.

Khavon Moore: PG- 6’8 185 lbs- Macon, GA- 5 Stars

Moore is a hybrid point-forward in the mold of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Georgia native can score the ball anyway he likes, but his ball handling and vision (Especially for his size) is what sets him apart and makes him the blue-chip prospect that he is. Moore’s long and lanky frame isn’t done growing. By the time he sets foot on campus, he could very easily be anywhere from 6’10 to 7’0.


Bryce Hamilton: SG- 6’4 160 lbs- Pasadena, CA- 4 Stars

Hamilton is already an elite scoring guard. The crafty lefty quite plainly models his game after James Harden. His ball handling and high basketball IQ makes it impossible for opposing guards to defend him. Hamilton flourishes in isolation and loves attacking the basket using a deadly array of floaters and acrobatic finishes. He also can shoot the ball (With unlimited range as far as I can decipher) with remarkable efficiency.


Jamal Bey: SF- 6’6 195 lbs- Las Vegas, NV- 4 Stars

Bey is a quintessential two-way star in the making. Not only is he a multifaceted scoring threat, but he takes pride in locking down the other team’s best perimeter player. In this current day and age where kids are obsessed with stat-lines and numbers, bringing in a player like Bey is even more important. Scoring the ball is one of his forte’s, but his defensive mindset can put a team into contending status.


Trey Woodbury: SG- 6’5 170 lbs- Las Vegas, NV- 3 Stars

Woodbury is a grinder. Hard work, determination and grit has turned him into the player that he is today. Disregard his 3 star rating, Woodbury can score with any guard in his class. He can score at all three levels, but what makes him unique and a prized recruit is his aforementioned drive. He will outwork anyone trying to guard him and play shut down defense while he’s at it.


Lahat Thioune: C- 7’0 205 lbs- Melbourne, FL- 4 Stars

They don’t make them any longer, or more agile than Thioune. Watching him sprint up and down the court is an incredible sight to see. Couple that with his profound leaping ability, and you have one of the best center prospects in the entire world (Albeit a raw one). Thioune isn’t just a leaper, or a shot blocker though, he has a rock solid midrange jump shot in his skill-set too.


Noah Locke: PG- 6’2 190 lbs- Owings Mills, MD- 4 Stars

Score first, pass second, that’s the way of the new era PG taking the game by storm. Locke is every bit that kind of floor general. His game is reminiscent to me of another DMV standout, Melo Trimble. Bringing in Locke to UNLV would keep that Team Melo pipeline alive and strong.


Bryan Penn-Johnson: C- 6’11 220 lbs- Las Vegas, NV- 4 Stars

Gone are the days when it was Gorman and Findlay Prep that only had elite players in the Las Vegas valley. Coronado prospect Penn-Johnson has extraordinary length and uses his monster wingspan to block and alter any shot put up in his presence. The big bodied lefty is also a force on the boards. He knows just how to use his frame to box out so he can own the offensive and defensive glass.


Sidney Wilson: SF- 6’6 170 lbs- Wolfeborro, NH- 4 Stars

Swagger and attitude fuels Wilson. He’s the type of kid that is going to talk trash to you all game, while he’s absolutely embarrassing you and dismantling you. Wilson is a high flier that draws comparisons to players like Ham Diallo and Kevin Knox. Dunking puts them on Youtube, but their fantastic all around game is what has NBA scouts chomping at the bid to land them in the draft.


Eric Ayala: SG- 6’3 180 lbs- Putnam, CT- 4 Stars

This is a recurring theme on this list; a big time scoring guard. Obviously the UNLV staff is prioritizing guards that can fill it up in a variety of ways. Ayala can do that and then some. Think Malik Monk here. Ayala is smallish for a scoring two guard, but that doesn’t stop him from putting up points in droves, however and against whomever.


Ayo Dosunmo: PG- 6’2 160 lbs- Chicago, IL- 4 Stars

Mentioned above have been a lot of scoring guards, but Dosunmo is a throwback point man that values distribution and defense first. That being said, he also went for 50 in a high school game last year. Think Rajon Rondo here though. Dosunmo is long, active and can also get on the glass. He personifies that all around guard mentality.


Maka Ellis- SF- 6’5 185 lbs- Las Vegas, NV- 3 Stars

Ellis is a BTR kinda guy (Below The Rim), but don’t let that fool you; he’s a lights out scorer. Another Vegas kid that has come on strong lately, Ellis makes his living 15 feet and out. His shooting is dead-eye, but he can also create for himself. 

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