Quoting Kiffin: Tuesday Practice

After starting the season 3-0, The Trojans now look forward to the Pac-10 opener against Washington State this Saturday. Look inside to hear what Lane Kiffin had to say about Drew McAllister's season-ending injury, the return of Patrick Hall and much more.

Lane Kiffin on the return of Patrick Hall:

"Patrick is back with us. He did everything we asked for three weeks. He really seems to have changed his attitude from downstairs with academics to upstairs with us. It's good to see him change. It's good to have him back."

Lane Kiffin on the play of Chris Galippo and C.J. Gable against Minnesota:

"I think those are steps to becoming a really good team. When you have guys, especially older guys, who aren't playing as much as they'd like or as much as they have in the past, and they go out on special teams and play like that. C.J. had a huge block on the kickoff return and a huge tackle on kickoff coverage. Chris Galippo had a huge play on kickoff coverage to start the game. It's great to see older guys like that understand how important it is, no matter what play it is – offense, defense, special teams – to have the same effort."

Lane Kiffin on Drew McAllister's hip injury:

"(He) most likely will have surgery on his hip at some point this week or next week. He'll be out for the season…He's come back and kind of been at 80 or 90 percent at times, then re-aggravated it. He just can't go anymore. It's the right decision to make and gives us another year. He'll get a redshirt, and that'll help us. As you've seen, we've looked to redshirt anybody we can, basically."

Lane Kiffin on freshman safety Demetrius Wright:

"He's our fourth safety. He's going to need to play. We're going to play him in this game regardless of the score and give him some experience on defense."

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