Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Practice

Look inside to see what Lane Kiffin had to say about Wednesday's practice, Washington QB Jake Locker and much more.

Lane Kiffin on Wednesday's practice:

"I thought practice was very sloppy initially for whatever reason. 9-on-7 wasn't what we were hoping. We're usually in half pads on this day but we were in full pads today trying to have a physical practice two days in a row. It wasn't what we wanted."

Lane Kiffin on Washington:

"As we continue to watch film, we continue to see how dangerous these guys can be, obviously because of the quarterback, running back and receiver on offense but on defense because they are so multiple in the blitz packages and bring people from everywhere."

Lane Kiffin on Washington QB Jake Locker:

"Even when you cover down, do a great job with the back seven, if you leave him any space he takes off and runs. This will be the most dynamic player we have played and a very big challenge for us."

Lane Kiffin on recovering just one fumble through four games:

"There hasn't been a lot of turnovers forced in general on defense, especially fumbles. It's something we're working on and really being aggressive towards the ball this week."

Lane Kiffin on whether Marc Tyler or Allen Bradford will start at running back:

"We're giving them both a bunch of reps and trying different things with them. We'll continue to look throughout the week."

Lane Kiffin on using Dillon Baxter as a holder:

"We're just trying to get Dillon to go to class, line up right and not fumble. The last thing we're going to do is let him do all our field goal plays. There are a lot of audibles that go with that, that's why Mitch is there."

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