Junior to Watch: DB Randy Estes

Los Alamitos' Randy Estes, 6'2, 200 lbs, is coming off a star studded season that saw him rack up 96 tackles and 3 picks in helping his team take the CIF Division I crown. Possibly the top prospect in the entire state for the class of 2004, here's an early look at his thoughts on recruiting and his team's chances for a repeat.

WeAreSC- What have you been up to since your season ended?


Estes- "Nothing much, just going to school, keeping my grades up, working out, staying in shape, and waiting for next year to come.  I'm in track also."


WeAreSC- What do you run in track and what are your best times?


Estes- "I run the 100m and 200m, and the 4X100.  Last year I ran an 11.1 [in the 100]."


WeAreSC- I notice that Los Al has a lot of talent coming back next year from last year's title team.  What are your thoughts on next season?


Estes- "Yeah, we have almost everybody back.  We'll have a good team.  Hopefully we can all play together again and strive toward another championship like we did last year.  It's not going to be a one man show, we're all going to play together as a team and win.  That's all that matters."


WeAreSC- I know it's early on in the recruiting process, but do you have an early list of schools that you're looking at?


Estes- "Right now, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, and Notre Dame.  That's about it right now."


WeAreSC- Do you have offers from all of those schools?


Estes- "They're all talking to me but I don't know if I have offers or not.  It's hard to tell.  I know I'm being watched."


WeAreSC- Do you have a leader or two out of that initial list?


Estes- "No, not really.  I haven't decided really.  I'm looking at everybody still.  I can't determine whether I like certain places more than others.  I'm still open."


WeAreSC- As you go through the process, what are going to be the factors that you're going to look at in choosing a school?


Estes- "I'll go where I can get a good education.  A school where also I'll be able to play, where there's not too many guys ahead, one of those types of situations.  Somewhere probably where my family can be close by.  The depth chart would be a main thing.  I don't want to go somewhere and sit, so that's a big issue."


WeAreSC- At this point, does any school seem to be coming after you harder than the others?


Estes- "Yeah, USC probably the most.  They've been keeping in touch."


WeAreSC- What has you interested in USC?


Estes- "I like the coaches.  They're real enthusiastic with their work.  They're excited and they're just real nice guys.  I like their coaches.  It's a good program, they work hard, and they want to be champions, and that's what I'm looking for too."


WeAreSC- I heard you were at practice one day at USC recently.  What were your thoughts on that?


Estes- "It showed me what it's like on the college level.  It's different from the high school level, it's faster.  Guys are faster and bigger.  Everybody is the same as you.  They're just like you."


WeAreSC- I know that you keep in touch with your old teammate from Long Beach Poly, Darnell Bing.  Have you guys ever talked about the possibility of playing together again?


Estes- "We haven't talked about it, but you can tell that it's something that could happen.  If I do decide, it's something that could happen.  That would be nice."


WeAreSC- One school that I previously read that you were interested in was Florida.  Where do they stand?


Estes- "Florida, I don't like them as much anymore.  I liked Spurrier."


WeAreSC- Going back to your Los Al team, I know you guys have a ton of Division I college prospects.  One of those in particular, Antoine Cason, is getting a lot of attention.  Talk about what kind of player he is.


Estes- "Yeah, he plays corner.  He's a good player.  He transferred his freshman year (from Long Beach Poly).  He came in and nobody knew about him until this year when he got to play on varsity.  I played with him freshman year and he was good.  Nobody got any catches on his side.  We never had to worry about his side.  I always knew he was good but then he transferred and I thought I was going to stay there.  I ended up transferring to the same school."


WeAreSC- I know you and Antoine are getting recruited by a lot of the same teams.  Do you guys ever talk about going to the same school?


Estes- "Yeah, maybe.  He likes Oregon too.  His dad went there."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that you've been working out a lot lately.  Do you know your max on the bench and squat?


Estes- "On bench, 275, and on squat, 375."


WeAreSC- For people who haven't seen you play, talk about what you like to do out there as a safety and what you think your strengths are.


Estes- "I like to tackle and play defense.  If I'm going to play football I might as well hit people instead of letting them hit me.  When I was young I decided to play defense instead of offense.  I can play offense, I just choose to be a defensive player.  I get carries on offense too though."


WeAreSC- Do you care whether you play at free or strong safety at the next level?


Estes- "I would like to play free but if I have to play strong and they need me there, then I'll play strong safety.  I can play either or, but if I have to choose I'll play free safety."


WeAreSC- What are your plans for this summer as far as camps go?


Estes- "We're supposed to attend the Stanford Nike Camp in May or whenever, and the USC camp in the summer time."


WeAreSC- Are you planning on attending any Junior Day's?


Estes- "I'm still deciding.  I don't know yet."


WeAreSC- Do you plan on going through the whole recruiting process, or is there a chance you could make a decision early?


Estes- "I'll take a look at every school and see what's best for me.  I'm not just going to make a decision up front."

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