Spring Ball Day 8

The Trojans came back from spring break today with a shorts and shoulder pads practice on a warm afternoon. Justin Wyatt provided the highlight play of the day when he took a short reception from Billy Hart and put a move on Mike Ross to get free for a long score. Click below for details from the practice:

Former Trojan QB Jim Hardy was in attendance and he got a nice welcome from Pete Carroll as the coach came on the field.

Marcell Allmond entered the field on crutches and the word was that he will miss the remainder of spring. He joined Kevin Arbet and Ronald Nunn on the sideline as Will Buchanan and John Walker got extended looks at corner. Walker is starting to show signs of the aggressiveness that we saw from him last spring.

Some highlights from the day:

* Matt Grootegoed made a leaping pick of a pass from Matt Leinart. It was typical Groots with full extension in the open field.

* Lofa Tatupu made a nice play to bat a ball away while covering Alex Holmes. Lofa also stopped Hershel Dennis behind the line during a 9 on 7 run drill on Brian Kennedy Field.

* During that run drill, Brandon Hance ran play action with a good fake and he completed the long pass to Justin Wyatt who had gotten behind Walker for the score.

* Hershel had one play in that drill where he put on some nice stop and go moves. What terrific feet.

* On Howard Jones Field there was a passing drill and Matt Cassel hit Wyatt deep down the middle as the ball was threaded between Walker and Bing for the score.

* Mike Williams had an amazing catch where he simply stuck out his big paw to make the grab.

* Matt Leinart started a series inside his ten yard line and quickly hit Greig Carlson on back to back plays, one over the middle and one along the sideline to get out of trouble. On the one over the middle Greig took a nice shot from Darnell Bing on the tackle.

* Leinart rolled out on another series and threw a nice low rope to Williams who made the catch along the sidelines despite blanket coverage from Walker.

* Billy Hart showed nice touch on a sideline pass to Alex Holmes.

* Hart also threw a long TD pass which was the play of the day but the person who made it a highlight effort was Wyatt. Billy threw him the ball in the right flat and Justin put an absolute shake move on Mike Ross with a fake inside then a cut outside before a 60 yard sprint to the end zone. Justin still puts the ball on the ground from time to time, he had a fumble from the running back spot in the earlier run drill, but he has shown a certain magic that cannot be taught. Also credit Greig Carlson for a nice downfield block on the play.

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