Quoting Haden: Pac-12 Alignment

The Pac-12 Conference alignment was announced on Thursday and USC athletic director Pat Haden was happy with the results. Look inside to see what Haden had to say about all the new changes.

Pat Haden on the new Pac-12 alignment:

"We're quite pleased. I haven't talked to anybody directly, but there was some give and take by all institutions, and at the end of the day I think the Pac-12 Conference is set up to have a great future. They've preserved the traditional rivalries. I mean everybody's, not just ours, but everybody's as I understand it. New day, we're happy, bring on the Pac-12."

Pat Haden on the importance of playing Cal and Stanford every year:

"You tell me. You've watched these games over the years and you think about the history of the games, We've played Cal for nearly 100 years and Stanford for 80 some. There have been historic games and memorable moments in those games. At the end of the day the presidents did a great job because they were able to preserve, not only from USC's perspective those rivalries, but as I understand it Oregon and Oregon State and Washington and Washington State, all those schools, it was a unanimous vote to preserve their rivalries as well. So, from USC's perspective, I've always felt and I've said that we need to play UCLA, Cal, and Stanford."

Pat Haden when asked if the meetings ever got contentious:

"There were reports that I was angry or unhappy, I was never unhappy. First of all, we are just one vote. It's a democracy and so people have different points of view. I was never unhappy. I just knew our fans at the end of the day would be disappointed if we weren't able to play those schools. I'm not sure they're interested in the game itself but they love going to San Francisco, going to China Town, taking the cable cars, all that stuff. So, they'll remain happy. I've grown up here and I know how important it is to play Cal. I talked to our team about that last week. I said, ‘you guys think UCLA and Notre Dame are our big rivals, and they are important, but you know, we play Cal more than anybody.' This is really a rivalry game and I think most of our fans really feel that way."

Pat Haden on the title game being hosted by the team with the best conference record:

"I love it. It's going to be a great scene. I just hope we're not playing Oregon there. I have to give Larry Scott a lot of credit here. I think he's thought outside the box in a lot of ways, the new Pac-10 now Pac-12, but to have a game where you deserve to host it, you've really won the right to host the championship game, and the fact you're guaranteed basically a sell-out crowd, wild scene, it' going to be terrific I believe."

Pat Haden on the revenue sharing agreement:

"It's fine with us. We think the pile will get bigger with a Pac-12 and the championship game so the pile will get bigger and everybody will benefit from that."

Pat Haden is excited about the future of the Pac-12 Conference. (Jaime Rodriguez Photo)

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