Junior to Watch: OL John Gibson

WeAreSC caught up with Stockton St. Mary's John Gibson. The highly touted offensive line prospect shares his thoughts on this past weekend's Junior Day at USC and he talks about where the Trojans stand on his current list of favorites.

WeAreSC- Talk about your trip down to Los Angeles this past weekend and go through the events of Junior Day at USC.


Gibson- "Friday, I went to watch them practice, and they were in shorts going full speed.  That gave me a new perspective.  Then that night I went out to dinner with Kyle Williams and my dad.  Saturday morning, I went to Junior Day at about eleven o'clock.  The first thing we did was go to practice and they were having their scrimmage.  That was just awesome.  It was just great.  Then we went into some auditorium and Coach O was talking about the next two months and what's going on and stuff like that, and that was great too.  He was really good.  Next, we broke up into where you came from, like northern Cal or wherever.  Then we went on tours to the weight room, then we toured the campus, then we got to talk to the academic tutors, which was really good.  Then we broke up from our parents and we went to their speech room and the coaches were just so fired up.  They were just yelling.  That was probably the best thing.  Like no shirts and stuff, you know, yelling.  Everyone just got so pumped up.  Then we broke up into running backs and this and that.  I went with the O-linemen and Coach Davis.  He is a really in-your-face coach.  We were sitting down for about two minutes and then he had us look at some SC guys who came through, like Anthony Munoz.  Then he basically was in our face for about twenty minutes.  He is just an intense coach, which I really like.  That was really good.  That whole day was a great experience."


WeAreSC- So the day left a positive impression?


Gibson- "Oh yeah.  A hundred percent.  It was just awesome.  I was ready to go hit someone."


WeAreSC- Did you meet any of the other recruits?


Gibson- "I met that one guy from Mater Dei, Brandon Nicolas.  Then I talked to some guy from Elk Grove or somewhere, a linebacker.  Every guy was just so pumped up.  It was definitely a good thing for me."


WeAreSC- You brought up Kyle Williams.  Talk about how you know him.


Gibson- "Him and I went to seventh and eighth grade in Stockton.  He moved to Texas when he was freshman or sophomore and we've been buddies ever since.  We tell stories about him and I putting guys in the trash can and stuff like that, because we're both big guys."


WeAreSC- So what's it like seeing Kyle out there doing so well?


Gibson- "You know, seeing him out there brought back so many good thoughts and everything.  He is a big factor in choosing schools and stuff.  That he's there, that's a major plus."


WeAreSC- I know you were at the USC camp last summer, so you've obviously had some interest in USC for awhile.


Gibson- "Oh yeah, since seventh grade."


WeAreSC- So where does USC stand on your list and what other schools are you looking at?


Gibson- "I think since Junior Day, SC is number one.  I think Colorado is up there, UCLA, Washington, Arizona State, Oregon…you know, any Pac-10 school.  But USC definitely jumped to number one."


WeAreSC- Do you have any offers?


Gibson- "No."


WeAreSC- Would an offer from SC have an impact?


Gibson- "Oh yeah, definitely."


WeAreSC- What are going to be some of the factors you're going to look at in choosing a school?


Gibson- "Probably the coaches, the players, and the education.  Those three things."


WeAreSC- I read that you've played all over the place in high school.  Talk a little about that.


Gibson- "Freshman year, I played D-end and tackle.  Sophomore year the varsity coach asked me to move up and I did.  He said that I would play tackle for him as a sophomore and when I'm a junior I can play tight end and defensive end.  And my junior year he left, and so that kind of crumbled.  In the summer of my junior year I was playing tight end and defensive end and my coach saw me as a good tight end but a great tackle, so he thought it would be better for me to play on the offensive line at tackle which worked out.  It was great.  Junior year I played about half of the time at defensive end because there was a senior there.  So mainly at tackle and I also got some snaps at center and a few times at guard."


WeAreSC- I've heard that you plan on playing center or guard at the next level.


Gibson- "Yeah.  I think most tackles are like 6'6 or 6'7, and I'm about 6'4 or 6'5, so I figured I'd play some center and guard.  And I think Coach Davis is talking about me playing some guard and center, and my coach in high school said he thought I'd be a better prospect if I played some center and guard."


WeAreSC- You're known as a pretty aggressive blocker.  What kind of mentality do you have out there when you're going up against the guy across from you?


Gibson- "I just love hitting heads and kicking someone's ass.  I mean, if he's not half way dead or something, then I didn't do my job."


WeAreSC- Do you play any other sports?


Gibson- "I play basketball and I'm pretty sure I'm going to play next year to work on my footwork and stuff.  I was going to do track, but that kind of conflicted with football.  So I focused on weights and speed and all of that good stuff."


WeAreSC- What are your plans for this summer?


Gibson- "I'm going to go to the USC camp, I think for four, or maybe just two days.  And then I might go to the UCLA camp, and then the Washington and Colorado camps."


WeAreSC- Are you going to any of the Nike camps?


Gibson- "Yeah, at Stanford."


WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?


Gibson- "Like 6'4 and a half, and 247."


WeAreSC- Bench, squat, and forty?


Gibson- "My bench is about 295 right now and squat is 475.  I got tested last week and I ran 4.77."


WeAreSC- What are your plans as far as going through the process?  If the right offer comes along, might you commit early?


Gibson- "I think if SC were to offer me, I would say yes and I'd get there for spring ball.  I would definitely do that.  I was talking to Ryan Ting and he was saying how he loved coming at the spring time."


Gibson and Williams


John Gibson and Kyle Williams after 2002 ND game


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