Junior to Watch: LB Keith Rivers

LB Keith Rivers of Lake Mary HS in Florida is one of the nation's truly elite players. USC is on a recruiting roll right now, but can they really pull this superstar out of the sunshine state? We caught up with him today and here's what he had to say……

Wearesc: So Keith, which schools do you like right now?

Rivers:  I like USC, Miani, Ga, Fla, and ND.


Wearesc: Can you give me a quick thought or two on each school, starting with SC?

Rivers: (On SC) Great tradition, Miami, the chance to play for a championship every year, Florida, close to home, good school, Georgia, great school and Notre Dame, they have a lot of great tradition too.


Wearesc: So is USC your leader as rumored?

Rivers: Yes they are.


Wearesc: Would you say that USC is a strong leader?

Rivers: Yeah.


Wearesc: I understand that you were born in California.

Rivers:  Yeah, I was born in Riverside and I lived in San Bernardino for eight years. I moved to Florida when I was in the second grade, I believe.


Wearesc: So do you still have family in Ca?

Rivers: No, my father was in the military, so….


Wearesc: Gotcha, so which state do like better, Florida or California.

Rivers: Probably California. The weather is more consistent and you have the best of both worlds, you have the mountains and the beaches.


Wearesc: So is leaving home going to be a big factor in choosing a school?

Rivers:  No, It's not going to be too much of a factor.


Wearesc: Have you talked to coach Carroll?

Rivers: Yeah, I have. He's a nice guy, an excellent guy.


Wearesc: Is early PT going to be a factor for you?

Rivers: Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying to be an impact player early.  I'll see about that at USC when I get to the camp there this summer and talk to them about that, but I think that they have a lot of players playing early, such as Mike Williams from Tampa, so I think I could.


Wearesc: What camp are you referring to?

Rivers: I believe it's the four-day camp in June or July.


Wearesc: Do you know anything about the tradition of wearing #55 at USC?

Rivers: A little bit, not that much.


Wearesc: Would it be a big deal to you to wear that number?

Rivers: Nah, I mean. It would be great, but….


Wearesc: Do you play MLB or OLB?

Rivers: I play middle, but coach Carroll said I would probably play outside at SC.


Wearesc: Do you also play RB?

Rivers: Actually I don't, but this upcoming season I'll be playing a little FB.


Wearesc: Do you play any other sports?

Rivers:  Yeah I do weightlifting.


Wearesc: What are your best numbers in that sport?

Rivers: I won conference in the bench with 345 lbs. and a 290 lbs. clean and jerk.


Wearesc: What were your stats from last year.

Rivers: Hold on one second, its kinda long……160 tackles, 105 solos, 55 assists 11 tackles for a loss, 6 sacks and 1 interception.


Wearesc: Ht., Wt., forty time?

Rivers: 6-2, 220, 4.5.


Wearesc: What would you say are your strengths as a Linebacker?

Rivers: Probably speed and vision, reading the OL…


Wearesc: Anything you'd like to work on?

Rivers: Um..Probably a little more explosion in my hits.


Wearesc: Are you looking to commit early?

Rivers: I really want to go through the recruiting process. I'll probably commit on the 5th (Feb.)


Wearesc: Would it be okay if we called you up in a month or two to check in?

Rivers: Yeah, definitely. Call anytime….


Wearesc: Thanks a lot Keith.

Rivers: Thank you.

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