Chat transcript with Kalil and Baker

Trojan signees Ryan Kalil and Sam Baker took part in the chat room on Wednesday night to answer questions from Trojan fans. Click below for a transcript from that chat:

GarryP: Thanks for coming Ryan

kalil: Hello garry and SC fans

aznICEboi369: YEA. RYAN, RYAN, RYAN!!

GarryP: Good to see you out at so many spring practices. What are your thoughts on Coach Carlisle so far?

kalil: well ive been lifting with him 4 days a week with a couple other recruits and he's kickin my butt.

Scott4SC: hi all

GarryP: talk about how it's different than what you've done before

kalil: the lifting strategy is a little different than im use to 2 of the days are for strength and the other 2 for quickness

GarryP: who are some of the other signees you've been lifting with?

kalil: i lift mostly with fili moala. i just talked to sam baker on the phone and hell be on in a minute.

aznICEboi369: sweet

GarryP: Ryan - what do you like so far from what you see this spring with the OL?

kalil: i like the intesity that they practice with and the hard work ethic

GarryP: Thanks for coming Sam

Scott4SC: Hi Sam

USCinPA: hey Sam

sbaker78: hows it going

uscmd310: Fight On, Sam!

GarryP: What were your thoughts on practice last week Sam?

sbaker78: it was real intense, nothing like ive ever seen before

23blast: Okay, Sam what is your height and weight at this time and are you going to play in any local all-star games?

sbaker78: 6'5'' 320 and the orange county all star game and the shrine game

23blast: Same question for Ryan. Height and weight and any all-star games this summer?

kalil: 6'4" 270

GarryP: Sam - tell us about Ioane and Bell from Tustin


sbaker: ioane is big and really fast with a lot of natural ability and bell is a hitter and radovich told me that he was one of the best he went up against

GarryP:  Sam - are the coaches preparing you for RG or is LG an option as well

sbaker78: they are preparing me for both sides

23blast: Ryan, are you playing in the Orange County All-Star Game?

hawaiitrojan: Sam / Ryan - any goals for the summer???

sbaker78: to get my weight down and have a chance to compete

kalil: i played in the calflordia bowl already and instead of any more all star games i plan to use the time in the summer to work out with my new teammates

pdh3787: Ryan, Sam will you be at the Trojan Huddle on saturday?

kalil: i plan to be at the trojan huddle on sat

hawaiitrojan: Sam - is Coach Carlisle looking at 300 as ideal weight???

sbaker78: they want me at 300 and i already lost 20 so im almost there

hawaiitrojan: awesome Sam. keep up the hard work

pdh3787: congratz on that Sam

GarryP: Ryan - who impressed you at the CaliFlorida practices and game?

kalil: sedrick ellis i thought was one of the best d linemen ive played against. hes gonna be a great player at USC.

hawaiitrojan: Sam - Do you know who Toniu Fonoti is???

sbaker78: the guy from nebraska

hawaiitrojan: You're right.Now he plays for the Chargers. He was the best road grader I have ever seen in college. Make us proud and beat his pancake records.

pdh3787: Ryan, Sam who are you favorite NFL players?of all time?


pdh3787: Slater was awesome

CreamyFilling: Sam/Ryan - What's your favorite memory from your HS football career?

kalil: mine was dominating TUSTIN HS. HAHAHA.

sbaker78: three losses in a row against servite

kalil: jsut messin sam

Scott4SC: Ryan/Sam, what was your reaction when you saw all these blue chip recruits announce one after the next that they were signing with USC?

kalil: we all want to play for pete carroll and win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!

sbaker78: i couldnt have said it better

kalil: with sam baker, radovich, draper and myself, were gonna form the usc steamroller club against ucla notre dame and anyone else

uscmd310: those 4 players are gonna be an awesome OL in the near future

hawaiitrojan: Ryan / Sam - Have you guys spent much time with Fred, Kyle and Winston and asked them of the adjustment from high school??? Any thoughts you can share.

kalil: when i go to lift during the week i always chat with fred, and his biggest thing for me is to be aggresive and know my stuff inside and out

SanJoTrojan: Sam/Ryan are both of you hitting the SC lifting program already and are you looking forward to working with Coach Carlisle?

kalil: yea im working out 4 days a week with coach carlisle and then catching spring practice

hawaiitrojan: Keep up the hard work. it will pay off - just ask Kyle Williams.......

SanJoTrojan: What do you guys anticipate being the biggest adjustment to college...the speed of the game, the complexity of the offense, the raised level of talented competition or avoiding whiplash from lookin at all the girls?

kalil: i think usc has the best d linemen in college football that will be my biggest challenge

SanJoTrojan: wow. i've got to say i'm surprised by that. i would've thought it would've been the chicks.

Scott4SC: Ryan, Fred Matua talk as much smack as people say??

kalil: haha yea well fred always has something interesting to say after a good play but hes always got your back

GarryP: Sam - Tustin is not known as a passing team. What will be your biggest adjustments to pass blocking at USC?

sbaker78: just doing it more than twice a game

Scott4SC: Garry, did Fred end up redshirting?

GarryP: yes

Scott4SC: ok good

CreamyFilling: Ryan/Sam - Was there a specific moment or event that made you realize SC was the place for you?

kalil: when i was at the 1 day camp last summer and i got to be coached be pete carroll and tim davis

Scott4SC: Tim Davis is AWESOME

kalil: coach Davis is a animal. coach carrolls 24/7 enthusiasm no matter when i see him hes always fired up

hawaiitrojan: at this stage whats harder for you guys to block - speed or power.

kalil: speed always kills

SanJoTrojan: Sam/Ryan - Did either of you during your recruitment help to recruit other players to SC?

kalil: no i left that up to the coaches they did a great job recruiting as you can see

hawaiitrojan: GP - I gotta ask this. Does any of the staff ever talk about the war since you guys are the same age of the young troops fighting.

kalil: no

tacody: who does your laundry?

kalil: mom does now but i guess that gonna change soon

tacody: may not

hawaiitrojan: sam / ryan - a decleater or a down field pile drive of a DB - what's fires you guys up more?

kalil: find the teams best d linmen and putting him on his back

SanJoTrojanL: Ryan, what are your main weight room goals currently? are you looking to primarily add weight? or are there a host of objectives? also what do you think of Carlisles program so far? does it compare w/your highschool program?

kalil: i go to the same school my dad went to and he still hold the bench record of 415 so right now going through uscs program i benched 405 last week. also my wieght has gone up to 270

SanJoTrojan: Ryan what kind of NFL player would you compare yourself to or have others compared you to in style?

kalil: im gonna try to be like turley with the saints as far as being aggresive

SanJoTrojan: niiiice

CreamyFilling: Ryan, what's your target weight?

kalil: 280

TrojanLee: I assume Ryan that you'll be playing Center. Do you long snap?

kalil: yes im coming in to play center and i long snap

hawaiitrojan: tacody - any chance your boy will be plugging the middle against Auburn???

tacody: if the healing goes ok thats his goal

SanJoTrojan: Ryan how did your family and friends react when you decided on USC? Were your parents happy for you making the decision or were they particularly happy that the decision was to come to SC...oh and also welcome to the family.

kalil: my mom liked it because it was close to home and my dad keeps tellin me how he beat usc in 81 when he played for the wildcats

TrojanLee: That Arizona game was a bummer in '81. The day after a Rolling Stones concert and the field smelled like vomit and beer. We started off with a long M. Allen run and score. Followed by a field goal. then AZ scored the next 12 points and won.

kalil: my dad always talks about how john robinson came after the game into their locker room and congradulated the team

TrojanLee: We were number one in the nation after having beaten Oklahoma, and Tennessee before that game

TrojanLee: Coach Robinson was first class and expected that of everyone on the team.

MrTravlear: Was the Ok game the one where we scored with less then a minute to take the lead?

TrojanLee: That's right. Mazur to Freddie C. in the corner.

SanJoTrojan: Ryan would you be disappointed if you Redshirted your freshman year or would you like the opportunity to add more weight and become accustomed to the college atmosphere?

kalil: i just wanna get after it im not worried about redshirting ill let the coaches decide

hawaiitrojan: Tacody - how long do you think it will take him to get back into game shape???

tacody: i think if all goes well in fall ball he should be ready to help the team

hawaiitrojan: fair enough. I don't mean to pry any further. Auburn IMO will be our hardest game and we need ALL of our stars to beat them especailly since we have to deal with the Caddie again.

uscsteven: anybody have any thoughts on the starters at DB, LB, WR and QB?

SanJoTrojan: DB its probably going to be Allmond and either Poole or Arbet. Safeties i think will be Leach and Bing, LB's i think will be Lua, Groots and Simmons. QB i think'll be Cassell and Whitney Lewis or Wyatt'll replace Kelly I think.

kalil: well im off i just want to say thank you for the opportunity to talk with the dedicated trojan fans im glad to be a part of the family and come time when i can suit up im gonna show everyone why usc chose me to play football GO USC TROJANS A PROUD TRADITION FIGHT ON!!! Top Stories