Nike Camp recap of USC recruits

The Nike Camp was held at USC with over 300 top recruits in attendance. Here's a position by position look at some of the top Trojan recruits in attendance:




Rocky Hinds (St Bernard's)

Brian Hildebrand (Corona)


Both Bob Johnson and Los Alamitos coach John Barnes agreed Hildebrand and Hinds were the two top QB's on the day. 





RB Terrell Jackson (Centennial)

RB Patrick Gates (Marian Catholic)

RB Marlon Lucky (North Hollywood)

FB Matt Parent (St. Paul)

FB Teo Fonua (Hawthorne)

RB Ryen Carew (Sylmar)

RB/LB Perris Loatman (St Bernards)

RB/DB Nigel Ricks (Cactus, AZ)

FB/LB Jeremiah Toloumu (LB Poly)

RB Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian)


Jackson was the top guy.  Lucky is a good looking junior as is Fonua.  Parent was 6-0, 242.





WR Michael Bumpus (Culver City)

WR/DB Damon Morton (North)

WR/DB Jeremy Payton (South Hills)

WR/DB Bryan Payton (South Hills)

WR Deandre Gasaway (Cajon)

WR Michael Brown (Lakewood)

WR/DB Keenan Jones (Narbonne)

WR Dean Liang (Bellflower)

WR/DB Justin Shaw (Palmdale)


Bumpus was the top receiver. Paytons are solid and Morton showed well. Gassaway had a big frame. 





TE Zach Miller (Desert Vista, AZ)

TE Jaison Williams (Culver City)

TE Jordan Fata (Carson)

TE/LB George Fifita (Birmingham)

TE Mike Barr (Payson, AZ)


Miller was top tight end there and you could argue he was the best player at the camp.  Williams looks like an excellent athlete and Fata had a good day as well. Fifita and Barr both had nice size.





OL Chilo Rachal (Dominguez)

OL John Ioane (Tustin)

OL Daniel Espinosa (Los Alamitos)

OL Brian Abraham (Rancho Cucamonga)

OL Matt Streid (Granada Hills)

OL/DL Brandon Nicolas (Mater Dei)

OL Mark Gray (Loyola)

OL Adam Alvidrez (Mayfair)

OL Ivan Nicholson (Loyola)

OL Dan Rowlands (Los Alamitos)

OL Ryan Sorensen (Westlake)

OL Clarence Tuioti-Mariner (Corona)


Chilo did the best in one-on-one drills.  He's in pretty good shape for being 288 lbs.  Espinosa has a lot of ability and he physically handled Brigham Harwell in one drill.  Ioane weighed in at 328.  Streid looked good in one-on-ones. 





DE Thomas Herring (Fremont)

OL/DL Norris Malele (Carson)

DE Brigham Harwell (Los Altos)

OL/DL Lawrence Miles (La Quinta)

DL Mataele Pau'u (Mira Costa)

TE/DE Michael Shelton (Dominguez)

DL Cameron Filkins (Los Alamitos)

DL Adam McDowell (Norco)


Herring was the man although Malele also looked real good.  Shelton is a top junior.





LB Andrew Schantz (Canyon)

LB Ryan Phipps (Centennial)  

LB Marlin Simmons (LB Poly)

LB Averel Spicer (Rancho Cucamonga)

LB Russell Allen (Vista)

LB Jeff Bradley (Canyon Springs)

LB Jed Collins (Mission Viejo)

LB Daniel Ashley (Rancho Cucamonga)

LB Art Drumwright (Rancho Cucamonga)

LB Marcel Simmons (LB Poly)

LB Marcelo Simmons (LB Poly)


Phipps and Schantz both had speed (Phipps ran a 4.50 40 along with a 4.0 shuttle while Schantz ran a 4.52 40 while weighing in at 220 lbs) and were pretty physical in the drills.  Phipps started at safety as a sophomore.  Canyon coach Harry Welch says Schantz lives and breathes football and is "the real deal".  Bradley is physically impressive to look at and Collins is a hitter.





DB Chris Camacho (Ramona)

DB Mike Myers (Riverside)

DB Rodney Van (LB Poly)

DB Marty Tadman (Mission Viejo)

QB/DB Dion Morton (North)

DB Ronnie Barber (San Pedro)

DB Anthony Bell (Hawthorne)

DB Jeffrey Brown (Narbonne)

DB Brian Flowers (Inglewood)

DB Chris Green (Gardena)

DB Justin Guzman (Mater Dei)

DB Terrail Lambert (St Bonaventure)

DB Josh Pinkard (Hueneme)

DB Antone Saulsberry (Bellflower)

DB Chet Sanders (Carson)

DB Jerome Boyd (Dorsey)


Camacho was the top cover guy on the day and Van made some impressive plays in the one-on-one drills.  Myers is a real good athlete. 




Top 20 Marks at USC Nike Football Camp
USC NIKE Football Training Camp (Sat. April 6, 2003)

(note: all running drills done on grass fields; height & weight measured in socks at camp)

TOP 20 in the 40-Yard Dash
1) Kenyon Blue (Helix, La Mesa CA) 5-7, 170 RB-DB---4.33
2) Josh Barnett (J.W. North, Riverside CA) 5-9.5, 169 RB---4.38
3T) Patrick Gates (Marian Catholic, San Diego CA) 5-9, 180 RB---4.40
3T) LeAndre Matthews (East Bakersfield, Bakersfield CA) 5-7, 182 RB---4.40
3T) Kellen Moriarty (Dos Pueblos, Goleta CA) 5-10, 165 WR---4.40
6) Matt Williams (Burroughs, Ridgecrest CA) 5-8.5, 166 RB---4.41
7T) Kreig Peters (Antelope Valley, Lancaster CA) 5-9, 180 RB/DB---4.43
7T) Nigel Ricks (Cactus, Glendale AZ) 5-11, 170 RB---4.43
9) Terrell Jackson (Centennial, Corona CA) 5-8.5, 183 RB---4.46
10T) Rocky Hinds (St. Bernard's, Playa Del Rey CA) 6-4, 207 QB---4.47
10T) Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village CA) 5-11.5, 175 RB---4.47
12) Adam Hill (Esperanza, Anaheim CA) 5-11.5, 183 WR-DB---4.48
13T) Charles Gavin (Vista CA) 5-9, 184 FB/RB---4.49
13T) Josh Pinkard (Hueneme, Oxnard CA) 6-0, 185 DB---4.49
13T) Byron Velega (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach CA) 5-10, 166 DB---4.49
16T) Laranzo Bursey (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach CA) 5-8, 185 RB/DB---4.50
16T) Ken Cornist (Helix, La Mesa CA) 5-9, 196 WR---4.50
16T) Ian Johnson (Damien, LaVerne CA) 5-11, 182 RB---4.50
16T) Ryan Phipps (Centennial, Corona CA) 5-11.5, 200 LB---4.50
16T) Julius Stinson (Silverado, Victorville CA) 5-9, 158 DB---4.50

TOP 20 in the 20-Yard Shuttle
1T) Bryan Barmer (Helix, La Mesa CA) 5-11, 155 DB---3.87
1T) Kellen Moriarty (Dos Pueblos, Goleta CA) 5-10, 165 WR---3.87
3) Tim Parks (Moreno Valley, Moreno Valley CA) 5-11, 175 ATH---3.91
4T) Russell Allen (Vista CA) 6-3, 204 LB---3.96
4T) Tyler Pringle (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach CA) 5-11, 190 DB---3.96
6T) Ryan Phipps (Centennial Corona CA) 5-11.5, 200 LB---4.00
6T) Marcelo Simmons (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach CA) 5-11, 175 LB---4.00
6T) Calvin Taylor (Alemany, Mission Hills CA) 6-0.5, 173 WR---4.00
9T) Dario Camacho (Ramona, Riverside CA) 5-8.5, 164 RB/LB---4.06
9T) Jamielle Gummer (Mission Viejo CA) 5-10, 182 RB---4.06
9T) Keenan Jones (Narbonne, Harbor City CA) 5-11, 170 ATH---4.06
9T) LeAndre Matthews (East Bakersfield, Bakersfield CA) 5-7, 182 RB---4.06
9T) Dion Morton (J.W North, Riverside CA) 5-9, 150 QB---4.06
14T) Terrence King (St. John Bosco, Bellflower CA) 5-8, 169 RB/DB---4.07
14T) Marlin Simmons (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach CA) 5-11.5, 195 LB---4.07
16T) Chris Camacho (Ramona, Riverside CA) 5-8, 158 WR/DB---4.08
16T) Damon Morton (J.W North, Riverside CA) 5-10, 163 WR/DB---4.08
16T) Travis Gibbs (Madison, San Diego CA) 5-9.5, 166 DB---4.08
19T) Jeremy Payton (South Hills, West Covina CA) 6-0.5, 179 WR/DB---4.09
19T) Cornelius Tatum (Centennial, Corona CA) 5-11.5, 161 WR---4.09

TOP 20 in the Bench Press (max reps of 185 pounds)
1) Allen Brunner (St. Bonaventure, Ventura CA) 5-10, 212 LB---43
2) Josh Smith (Norco, CA) 6-5, 313 OL---30
3T) John Markovich (Esperanza, Anaheim CA) 6-0, 275 OL---28
3T) LeAndre Matthews (East Bakersfield, Bakersfield CA) 5-7, 182 RB---28
5T) Mark Gray (Loyola, Los Angeles CA) 6-2.5, 278 OL---27
5T) Leuma Pomele (Gardena, CA) 5-10, 280 DT---27
7T) Jeff Fritch (Peninsula, Rolling Hills Estates CA) 6-2.5, 260 OL/DL---26
7T) Matt Gray (Esperanza, Anaheim CA) 6-2, 280 OL---26
9T) Charles Gavin (Vista CA) 5-9, 184 FB/RB---25
9T) Kevin Montano (Los Altos, Hacienda Hts CA) 6-1, 220 DL---25
9T) Leo Talavou (Fountain Valley, Fountain Valley CA) 6-3.5, 318 OL/DL---25
9T) Shane Tufford (West Valley, Fairbanks AK) 5-10, 265 FB---25
13T) Adam Alvidrez (Mayflower, Bellflower CA) 6-0.5, 330 OL---24
13T) Desmond Clark (Rancho Verde, Moreno Valley CA) 6-2.5, 295 OL---24
13T) Brenden Gutierrez (Mira Costa, Manhattan Beach CA) 5-9, 255 LB/FB---24
13T) Norris Malele (Carson CA) 6-2.5, 294 OL/DL---24
13T) Devin McWilliams (North, Riverside) 6-0.5, 310 DL/OL---24
13T) Cory Shackelford (Palm Desert CA) 5-10.5, 215 LB---24
13T) Jonathan Tu'ua (Long Beach Poly, Long Beach CA) 6-2, 255 DE---24
13T) Lyle Wise (Claremont CA) 5-10, 262---24

TOP 20 in the Vertical Jump (in inches)
1) Jimmy Recourt (Monte Vista, Spring Valley CA) 5-10, 175 DB---37
2) Kenyon Blue (Helix, La Mesa CA) 5-7, 170 RB-DB---35.3
3) Josh Pinkard (Hueneme, Oxnard CA) 6-0, 185 DB---35.1
4T) Josh Portis (Redondo Union, Redondo Beach CA) 6-1.5, 163 ATH---34.9
4T) Justin Shaw (Palmdale CA) 6-1.5, 193---34.9
6T) Tim Parks (Moreno Valley CA) 5-11, 175 ATH---34.8
7T) Corion Cooper (Desert Vista, Phoenix AZ) 5-11, 179 WR---34.2
8T) Brian Flowers (Inglewood CA) 5-6.5, 178 DB/RB---33.7
9T) Keenan Jones (Narbonne, Harbor City CA) 5-11, 170 ATH---33.6
10T) Julius Stinson (Silverado, Victorville CA) 5-9, 158 DB---33.3
11T) Mike Davis (Esperanza, Anaheim CA) 6-0, 192 DB-WR---33.2
11T) Deandre Gasaway (Cajon, San Bernardino CA) 6-1, 185 LB/WR---33.2
13T) Anthony Bell (Hawthorne CA) 5-7, 159 RB-DB---33.1
13T) Michael Myers (Martin Luther King, Riverside CA) 5-10.5, 180 RB---33.1
15) LeAndre Matthews (East Bakersfield, Bakersfield CA) 5-7, 182 RB---33
16) Tanner Dove (Mission Viejo CA) 5-10, 181 LB---32.9
17T) Bryan Barmer (Helix, La Mesa CA) 5-11, 155 DB---32.8
17T) Anthony Celestine (Burroughs, Ridgecrest CA) 5-9.5, 175 ATH---32.8
19) Kellen Moriarty (Dos Pueblos, Goleta CA) 5-10, 165 WR---32.5
20T) Michael Brown (Lakewood (CA) Lakewood CA) 5-8.5, 174 WR---32.4
20T) Aaron Ware (Oaks Christian, Westlake Village CA) 5-11.5, 175 RB---32.4 Top Stories