Junior to Watch: Thomas Herring

One of the top prospects in the state for the class of 2004 is Los Angeles Fremont's Thomas Herring. The big defensive lineman/tight end was among those in attendance at today's Nike Camp at USC and he discusses the event as well as his early thoughts on recruiting.

WeAreSC- It looked like you had a pretty good day out there.  What are your thoughts on the camp?


Herring- "It was good.  I learned some new stuff.  Overall, it was a great camp.  As far as some of my testing, my forty time, shuttle, and bench press, that can get a lot better."


WeAreSC- What was it like going up against some of those other highly touted guys in the drills?


Herring- "The first time I got caught off guard.  I kind of underestimated the guy because he was kind of short.  He got under me and he beat me.  He actually kind of head-butted me and busted my lip, so from there I just got mad.  I just wanted to go against the best, the kids that I heard were the top kids at the camp.  I went against like two of them and destroyed them."


WeAreSC- Did any of the other linemen stand out in your mind?


Herring- "Yeah, a few guys looked good but I don't know all of them by name.  One of them though was [Norris] Malele, from Carson.  He was good.  We hung out a lot of the time and were talking.  We were just talking about high school stuff, about our teams and everything."


WeAreSC- I noticed that you were working with the defensive linemen.  Is that where you plan to play at the next level?


Herring- "Yeah, some colleges have also talked to me about tight end.  They actually talk to me about both.  Right now, as far as what position I'll play at in college, I'm leaning toward d-end.  It's kind of hard because I honestly still love tight end too."


WeAreSC- Do you remember any of your numbers from the camp?


Herring- "I know I ran a 4.9 in the forty.  On bench press, I did 15 reps.  I've never lifted weights in my life.  It's not necessarily a downfall, but its something I can work on.  I also have a shoulder injury in my right shoulder so I've been working on that.  I also measured in at 6'5 and a half and 290."


WeAreSC- What schools are you looking at right now?


Herring- "Right now, my top-5 is probably USC, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma or Texas…like Tennessee, Michigan…Right now the main schools are in the Pac-10, like UCLA and USC."


WeAreSC- Do you have any leaders out of that group?


Herring- "Growing up it's been Miami.  I loved watching them on TV.  I've heard from all of the other schools but them.  Right now, I'd probably say USC."


WeAreSC- Do you have any offers from any of your favorites?


Herring- "No, not right now."


WeAreSC- If Miami came through with some interest, would it have an impact?


Herring- "Yeah, it would definitely have an impact.  I'd love to take a trip down there to see what kind of program it is.  Of course, it's a wonderful program, but I would like to see it with my own eyes.  A lot of people are skeptical about me looking at the Florida schools.  You know, they're saying that California guys go down there and never play, so if I get the opportunity to go play down there I just want to prove everybody wrong."


WeAreSC- I noticed that you've been around USC quite a bit in the spring.  What has you interested in the Trojans?


Herring- "My interest in USC is really high.  It's all just a matter of me staying at home or going away.  If I stay home, I think USC would probably be my best bet.  The coaches, I just love the coaches there."


WeAreSC- Have you had a chance to meet Coach Orgeron?


Herring- "Yeah, I lo

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