Stanford Commit Plans USC Visit

Look inside to find out which Stanford commit will take an official visit to USC.

Stanford commit Anthony Sarao is learning that things can change in an instant in the crazy world of recruiting.

While the talented linebacker was taking part in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl this past week in San Antonio (TX), Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh opted to jump to NFL to take over as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

"Harbaugh leaving didn't really change things for me," Sarao said. "I just want to see who they are going to bring in, and I will find out in the next week or so what they are doing."

While the departure of Harbaugh hasn't affected his commitment, Sarao admitted that he is very interested to see what will happen with defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

"If the whole coaching staff leaves, like Coach Vic Fangio, I will be upset because that is my coach," Sarao said. "If the whole coaching staff falls apart then I'm going to keep my options open because I don't how I am going to feel about that."

The four-star linebacker will be on the West Coast this weekend spending time in Palo Alto and Los Angeles, and while the locations remain the same, one of the schools that will get a visit has changed.

"I was supposed to be taking a trip out to UCLA along with Stanford this weekend on like a piggyback visit, but instead of UCLA, I will be taking an official to USC," Sarao explained. "I will be going to Stanford on Friday and Saturday and USC on Sunday and Monday."

So why the change of plans?

"I felt that I'm not really tight with any of the players in the UCLA class. I don't know any of them," Sarao said. "With Stanford I am cool with all of them, and at USC I'm cool with pretty much of all of their commits.

"It was more of a comfort thing. I want to know the kids that I am going to play ball with for my college career."

Sarao spent time with the USC commits at the U.S. Army All-American game this past week and struck up a friendship them.

"I'm cool with George Farmer, DeAnthony Thomas and Cody Kessler," he said.

The 6-1, 220-pound linebacker is being recruited by USC assistant coach Joe Barry as a weakside linebacker.

"I am looking for at least a Top 20 academic school and definitely an athletic school that is able to compete for a national championship. It's just a comfort level for me," Sarao said. "I know I am going to the Pac-10 and in California somewhere, so I just want to feel comfortable."

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