Junior to Watch: LB Wes Mauia

The Trojans have been selective with their early scholarship offers and one recruit who has reportedly received an offer is Edison of Stockton linebacker Wes Mauia. WeAreSC.com caught up with Mauia to get this report on how his recruiting process is going so far.

Wearesc: So which schools are you looking at right now?

Mauia: USC, Tenn, Wash, Fla and Colorado.


Wearesc: So you have offers from all of those schools?

Mauia: Just SC and Colorado.


Wearesc: Can you give me a few things you like about each school starting with SC?

Mauia: With SC, just everything, the academics, they have a great team and they play well together. (On Tenn) I like their uniforms. (On Fla.) They play in the SEC and it's a pretty good school. (On Wash.) A lot of Polynesians play there. You know that QB? Yeah, he was pretty good. (On Col.) They send me the most letters.


Wearesc: So is USC your leader?

Mauia: Right now yeah.


Wearesc: Have you talked to coach Carroll?

Mauia: I met him at the ND game. He was cool. That's another reason why I like SC. It was the first school that I visited and I liked everything. I went in the locker room and I met the players too. It was cool.


Wearesc: Are you a MLB?

Mauia: Yup.


Wearesc: Do you happen to play RB?

Mauia: FB actually.


Wearesc: Can you give me your stats from last year?

Mauia: At FB, I can't remember, but at LB, 120 tackles, 2 ints, 2 forced fumbles, and 4 or 5 sacks.


Wearesc: Do you play any other sports?

Mauia: Yeah, Basketball and Track.


Wearesc: Can you give me your stats from those sports?

Mauia: In Basketball, I averaged 6 points a game and 11 rebounds at Power Forward. In track, my farthest for the Discus was 146 and my best shotput was 48.


Wearesc: Ht., Wt., Forty time?

Mauia: 6-1, 232., 4.6


Wearesc: What would you say are your strengths as a player?

Mauia: Leadership and tackling.


Wearesc: Can you comment on your teammate Lavalle Hawkins?

Mauia: Oh, he's the man. He's the best player on our team right now.


Wearesc: What makes him so good?

Mauia: His technique, his ability to catch the ball, he's got good hands and his speed.


Wearesc: Are you friends?

Mauia: Yeah, we're cool.


Wearesc: Have you guys talked about going to school together?

Mauia: Not really, but we've been on trips together. We've been to USC together already and we're going down there next weekend, April 13th for the football camp. Coach Seto was talking to me about that.


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