Pete Carroll chat transcript

Trojan head coach Pete Carroll was the special guest in the WeAreSC chat room tonight for the latest edition of "Inside SC". Click below for a complete transcript of the chat session:

GarryP "We'd like to thank Coach Carroll and welcome him once again to the chat room"


GarryP "What pleased you the most during the spring? What are the things we need to improve in fall camp?"


PeteCarroll "I'm most pleased with the competitive nature of our football team, for those of you who had the chance to see us practice I think it was real evident. Our players came out prepared and focused everyday. I'm still concerned about the development of our young players, especially the ones who have to fill key roles for us in the fall ie. WR, RB, FS, OL."


GarryP "Who was the biggest surprise and who made the most improvement during the spring on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball?" (question from woohit)


PeteCarroll "Lofa Tatupu defensively and Dominique Byrd offensively"


GarryP "What was it about Leinart's performance that put him over the edge? How did the decision get made to move him to the top of the depth chart?" (question from password)


PeteCarroll "The aspects of Matt's game that we used to get on him about showed signficant improvement. He threw with much more velocity on the ball, he was more decisive, and was effective in getting the ball down the field. This was a long drawn out competition that is on going. Although Leinart is on top at the end of spring, alot remains to be seen in fall camp."


GarryP "What is the status with Hance and his shoulder and knee? Will he need surgery?" (question from pookela)


PeteCarroll "Brandon had minor surgery on his shoulder today that went well and should recover to 100% in a couple of weeks. The knee is fine and poses no significant problems. I was real pleased with Brandon's development and I felt he had a promising spring."


GarryP "Can you talk about the progress of Hershel Dennis this spring. Is it possible that one of the incoming RB's could move to FB at some point?" (question from jefftrojantheft)


PeteCarroll "Hershel had a fantastic spring and like Leinart answered alot of the questions and concerns I had about him. He appeared to be durable, tough, and bigger, faster, and stronger. We have no intentions right now of moving anybody to fullback. Our incoming backs will compete with Hershel immediately."


GarryP "Is the move of Justin Wyatt permanent? Did he exceed your expectations? Does his emergence at WR give any thought to redshirting one of the incoming freshmen?" (question from toner)


PeteCarroll "The move with Justin is permanent and we are looking for a way to find a role for him in our offense. He was another bright spot during the spring that showed real flashes of him becoming an exciting football player. We have no plans to redshirt any of the WR's at this point. They will all compete for playing time in August."


GarryP "What are your thoughts on the performance of the OL for run blocking, pass blocking and overall execution."


PeteCarroll "The progression up front has been pleasing. They are comfortable working together, making the calls, and understanding the overall philosophy of our run game. Our pass protection, I hope, will take off right where we left it last fall. Our guys did a tremendous job protecting the QB, and I expect the same this season."


GarryP "Talk about the competition between Fred Matua and Kyle Williams? Do you think Kyle will stay at guard or eventually return to tackle?" (question from password)


PeteCarroll "Fred was another standout this spring. He brings a certain extent of intensity and toughness to the offensive line. I look for both he and Kyle to continue competing throughout fall camp. Kyle is valuable because of his versatility moving up and down the offensive line. It should be a great battle in August."


GarryP "How will Frostee Rucker be utilized this season? How pleased are you with the play of the DL?" (question from jefftrojantheft)


PeteCarroll "Frostee will play the same spot as Omar and will compete with Omar for playing time. Right now he would be a starter in our nickel package and we would look to him to be a pass rush specialist. Overall the defensive line continues to play well and for those of you who made it to practice you saw how difficult they can make it on an offense at times. Real excited about this group."


GarryP "You mentioned Lofa Tatupu had a good spring. Talk about his football intelligence and the progress he made. Also, how do you get Dallas Sartz on the field?" (question from houska)


PeteCarroll "Lofa's intelligence allows us not to lose any ground at the middle linebacker spot. His ability to understand our overall defensive scheme has really made things easy from transitioning from Pollard ( who is also a very smart football player) Dallas continued to make plays all over the field during spring and we need to find a way to utilize him. I'm confident he'll play a significant role on our football team this year."


GarryP "Talk about the rotation at corner after spring ball and how it might shake out in the fall with the addition of Will Poole." (question from toner)


PeteCarroll "I love the competition at this spot. Arbet, Nunn, Buchanon, Allmond, Walker, Bocage, and the Tings all offer different attributes at the position and I expect Will Poole to fit right into the mix. I have high expectations for Will to come in and contribute."


GarryP "Please talk about Darnell Bing and his performance this spring. What are the plans for him this fall at SS and RB?" (question from bombsoverbaghdad)


PeteCarroll "Darnell progressed at nice pace this spring. This progression allowed him to ease into college football both physically and mentally. By the spring game, I felt confident that he had adjusted well and I look forward to him continuing to develop over the late spring and summer.I'm obvioulsy really excited about what he brings to the table athletically and I look forward to utilizing it anyway we can."


GarryP "Can you give us some more info on walk-on FS Greg Farr and what kind of player he is? who among the incoming freshman will compete at FS in the Fall? Any chance we could see Kevin Arbet at FS?" (question from 72Trojan)


PeteCarroll "Greg is a walk-on player from Palomar JC and has made significant strides in our program, real tough, smart kid, who does his homework at his position. The FS spot will be another position determined for certain in August. I have no plans in moving Arbet."


GarryP "Is there a chance William Buchanan could move back to WR? How has his progress come as a corner?" (question from JCW)


PeteCarroll "No, Willie will stay at corner unless there is an emergency at the receiver spot. I'm happy with his progression from the end of last season to spring and he will need to prepare himself to battle for playing this summer."


GarryP "Are you pleased with the progress of special teams right now?" (question from houska)


PeteCarroll "I like the way that our system has worked out. With Kennedy Pola still in a lead position our assistants have really taken each one of their special team roles to heart and their enthusiasm has been real obvious."


GarryP "What is the status of the injured players (Cody, Lua, Torres, etc)?" (question from bradleyb)


PeteCarroll "All of their rehabs are on course and on schedule. I look forward to having all three and camp and for having them ready to contribute."


GarryP "How early are you able to get incoming freshmen involved in the strength and conditioning process?" (question from uscmike)


PeteCarroll "As soon as our compliance office gives us the okay, our incoming freshmen start working out. From the looks of the guys that came to our practice this spring, I'd say this year's class looks to be in good shape."


GarryP "How important are the camps this weekend in the evaluation process? How many kids do you expect? What will you do if it rains?" (question from NoBull1)


PeteCarroll "The camps are instrumental in our program for not only evaluation purposes but for allowing kids at all levels to come and experience USC. Over the last two years our camps have taken off and we've had over 1,000 kids on our campus each year. This year will be no different. Rain or Shine????? What kind of question is that, are we talking football or what? Yes rain or shine we'll be there, if you have anybody interested in coming to camp please call 213-740-7780."


GarryP "What are your thoughts on how the senior Trojans did at the SC Pro Day last month?"


PeteCarroll "I couldn't be more happy with their was awesome! 4 guys under a 4.4.This speaks volumes about Chris Carlisle and our S & C program. I am anxiously awaiting draft day."


GarryP "Talk about the May evaluation period and how your staff operates in that month. What positions are the biggest area of need?" (question from toner)


PeteCarroll "Once again we will hit the ground running and uncover everything in California, as well as, our national prospects. We look to improve on our efforts last year and we believe we know what it takes to do that and it all begins this spring."


GarryP "Last question Coach. Thank you once again for coming on the chat room, we always appreciate it. What are the best and worst parts of the off-season for you as we wait for fall camp in August?"


PeteCarroll "The best part is the family time and the worst part is the waiting....Thanks for having me. Remember to get your season tickets, we need to fill it up." Top Stories