USC Lineman camp recap

The Trojans held their Lineman camp today with 270 high school linemen in attendance and it was a terrific group filled with top recruits such as Thomas Herring, Brigham Harwell, Chilo Rachal and Jeff Schweiger. Click below for a recap from the event:

The campers arrived this morning at Heritage Hall and were put through a series of measurements such as height/weight as well as testing in drills such as the 40-yard dash. After that they split up with the defensive players heading to Brian Kennedy Field and the offensive group staying on Howard Jones Field.  The OL went through drills like the "stepover punch" bag drill and the "trapshoot" which encourages linemen to stay low.  The DL did the "circles" drill as well as the "pop up" drill with the tall bags and several hand drills.  All the players then came together at the west end of Brian Kennedy Field for a session of one-on-one drills with the Trojan staff doing a lot of coaching and instruction.  Pete Carroll came over to remind the DL to use their hands more while the old offensive lineman Norm Chow was seen giving a few pointers to one OT. 


Here were some of the players who did well:


Brigham Harwell (DE, Los Altos) – nobody could block him in the 1-on-1 drills, he was simply too quick and had most guys beat after his first step off the line.  He had also the best technique of any of the top players in the d-line bag drills and Coach Orgeron was getting extremely fired up watching him do the drills with good form and effort. 


Thomas Herring (DE, Fremont) – He was too quick and powerful for the majority of guys he went up against in the one-on-one drills.  His technique in the early drills was good but not great and it's obvious that this is a player with a lot of upside for improvement.  Thomas hasn't lifted weights in his career yet he has terrific footwork and a large frame that will only become more impressive with the proper strength and conditioning program. 


Jeff Schweiger (DE, Valley Christian) – quickness.  Jeff has excellent quickness off the ball and he showed his speed in the early testing drills.  He hadn't done many of the bag drills before and it showed as his technique was a little off but you can tell from the 1-on-1 drills that he is a player. 


Chilo Rachal (OL, Domniguez) – Chilo looked good going through the trapshoot drill with a lot of agility for a man his size.  He stopped Brandon Nicolas in the 1-on-1 drill and saw action at both center and tackle in the drill. 


Shannon Tevaga (OL, La Mirada) – Shannon is being recruited as a DL as well but he went through with the OL today and his HS coach says he has better potential as an OL.  He has a thick upper body.  Shannon gave Harwell as much of a battle as anyone in the 1-on-1's.


Brian Abraham (OL, Rancho Cucamonga) – Brian has a similar frame to Travis Draper heading into senior year.  Good body control and athleticism with room to grow.


Brandon Nicolas (DL, Mater Dei) – Brandon is also getting recruited for the OL.  He's got a good size frame and enough power that he wins he share of battles but he also got stuffed a few times as well.


Mark Gray (OL, Loyola) – Mark is a hard-nosed player who is just a plug in the middle.  He played center today and was extremely scrappy. 


Adam Speer (OL, Chaminade) – Adam had real good technique in the 1-on-1 drills at LG. 


John Ioane (OL, Tustin) – Carries his weight well and did OK in the early drills.  Herring blew by him a couple times in the 1-on-1's and Ioane seemed to play better after he thought Brandon Nicolas got a little rough on one play. 


Lawrence Ball (DL, Edison of Fresno) – A big guy who moved well.  Ball was playing tackle today and his raw athleticism was evident on one play when he overpowered Rachal. 


Rodney Picou (OL, Canyon Springs) – the one junior-to-be in attendance who really jumped out.  He got reps in the 1-on-1 drills and held his own. 


Mike Tepper (OL, Pacifica Top Stories