USC skill position camp recap

The Trojans hosted over 350 skill position players today at the annual Pete Carroll camp on an overcast day at the USC campus. There were some scattered drizzles but for most part the rain held off as the Trojan coaches put the campers through a variety of drills. Here is a position-by-position look at some players who stood out:

QB - The top quarterback was Pat Cowan from St John Bosco, a tall, lanky guy with a good arm.  An impressive athlete was Ashley Palmer from Lynwood. 


RB - Terrell Jackson from Centennial was solid, he's a tough runner with good instincts and he was one of the top performers on the day.  The primary area to improve for Terrell at this point is his speed.  It remains to be seen if the Trojans will take a TB this year but Jackson will likely receive consideration.  Aaron Ware of Oaks Christian went through the camp as a RB and he certainly looks the part of a athlete but he didn't do anything to really stand out in the drills.


WR - It was a very good group as the Trojans coaches had a chance to evaluate many of the top receivers in the state.  Jeremy Childs from Los Alamitos, who will be a junior next season, was arguably the top guy on the day.  He is very smooth with good routes, long arms and excellent hands.  Look for Childs to be among the elite recruits in 2005.  Justin Shaw from Palmdale HS has terrific size and is a graceful athlete while his teammate Javonte Holmes is simply a speedburner who ran past everybody today and also displayed nice hands.   One look at Lavelle Hawkins running a route and it's easy to see why college coaches like him so much.  Lavelle has a tremendous burst off the line and he has a lot of energy in his running style.  He needs a little work on his hands but his speed will get him a long look and he had a long TD against Chris Camacho.  Another pair of teammates, Michael Bumpus and Julius Williams, from Culver City HS were also impressive.  Bumpus is a solid route runner with good hands while Williams has such terrific height that he will be a force as he becomes more physical.  Bumpus had the best catch of the morning session with a full extension in the end zone of a long ball from Cowan. Lamarr Herron is well built and he's an all-around athlete who also plays RB, LB and DB although he is being recruited primarily as a DB/WR.  He displayed some of the best hands on the day but with his size and physical nature it's easy to picture him as a safety at the college level.  Some other receivers who performed well included DeAndre Gasaway (Cajon), Michael Brown (Lakewood), Kellen Henry, Fleming (LB Jordan).


TE - Thomas Herring attended the morning session and took part in drills as a tight end.  He starred at DE yesterday in the lineman camp but he's a good enough athlete that if he wants to play at tight end he could do that too.  His footwork, an area of strength for Herring as a basketball player, is what sets him apart for someone so big.  Dale Thompson was the other top guy at tight end and he's also a solid athlete with a good frame. 


LB - The last two camps have each seen one linebacker stand out with Dallas Sartz in 2001 and Thomas Williams last year.  There wasn't a dominant guy this year but there were several players who will continue to receive a look.  Russell Allen from Vista is similar to Sartz in that he has a tall, lanky body with athleticism.  Isaiah Cook from Claremont and Art Drumwright from Rancho Cucamonga were both solid and got long looks at the end of the day in the 1-on-1 drills.  Lawrence Ball, who did well at DT yesterday, played at linebacker today and held his own despite the fact that his natural position is on the line.  Among the attendees watching the Edison of Fresno star was Edison graduate and former USC defensive back Tim McDonald who also played for Pete Carroll with the 49'ers.  Wes Mauia is thick and has a physical nature but he didn't show real good speed. Ryan Phipps, Jeff Bradley, Jeremiah Tolomoulu, Matt Parent and J Gilbert from Chino were others who performed well.  One junior-to-be to watch for is Prince Hall from Canyon Springs, he's in the 235 lb range and moves well.   


DB - Brian Flowers from Inglewood is a good athlete who performed well at corner, he stayed with Hawkins on a few routes in the 1-on-1 drills.  The Payton brothers, Jeremy and Bryan, from South Hills also looked worthy of more attention.  The brothers have good size and participated exclusively at corner in this camp, they were matched up most of the time with Childs and won their share of battles.  Antoine Cason from Los Alamitos has skills and Chris Camacho from Ramona, who was the top cover guy last week at the Nike Camp, also got a lot of reps.  Camacho has talent but he was a little hesitant at times while going up against one good receiver after another.  Chris made one nice play to break up a deep pass.  Terrail Lambert was in attendance but did not go through drills.  Terrance King, who will be the RB at St John Bosco this year, and Ellis Powers from Lynwood are others to watch.   One junior-to-be who looked good was Xavier Hicks from Fullerton.

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