Booty still weighing options

There have been rumors swirling around for days about the possibility of Trojan verbal commit John David Booty graduating from high school in August and enrolling at USC in time for the fall semester. spoke to Johnny Booty, the player's father, to get the latest update:

"There's no update right now," said his father Johnny Booty. "John David is taking another day or two to get all the paperwork together, take a look at his options. I know he's talking to the NCAA clearinghouse, stuff like that, just trying to get as much information as he can to make a good decision. My guess is something could be done by tomorrow or Wednesday but the good news is there's no timetable so there's no pressure on him to get it done now if he's not ready. It's certainly been an interesting turn of events, a bizzare story. We just want John David to have a good, clear head while making a decision.

I've never heard of a player enrolling early for the fall but he knew he wanted to come in for the spring and so he thought "maybe I could move it up". Evangel is set-up kind of like a college, it's a unique deal, and the kids have all sorts of opportunities with summer school and the like to take classes early. It was his dream to put himself in this position to have an option to go to college early and he took advantage of the opportunties at Evangel to do that.

He's an unusual kid. I don't know if every kid would be ready for this emotionally and physically but he feels because he's been around it so much that he could be ready. I think the decision is being made easier by the fact that he is so set on USC with Coach Carroll, Coach Chow, Steve Sarkisian and the guys. We always knew he liked the school but I was surprised at how he just felt at home there from the beginning." Top Stories