Junior to Watch: FB Will Taufoou

With the fullback spot being a position of need in next year's Trojan recruiting class, one prospect who is sure to get a serious look is Will Taufoou, out of Mountain View St. Francis. Regarded as being one of the top players in the state at his position, he shares his thoughts on recruiting and also talks about some plans for this summer.

WeAreSC- What schools are you looking at right now?


Taufoou- "Notre Dame, USC, Oregon, Washington…all of the Pac-10 schools."


WeAreSC- Do you have any leaders out of that group?


Taufoou- "Well, I have a few.  My top two are Notre Dame and USC, but I like Washington and Oregon too.  Those are my top four right now."


WeAreSC- Do you have any offers?


Taufoou- "No."


WeAreSC- What are you going to be looking for in the school you choose in the end?


Taufoou- "I'm going to be looking at the coaches and their style basically, and the team, the way they practice and everything, the atmosphere of the school, and the players."


WeAreSC- Will playing time be a factor?


Taufoou- "Yeah, because I want to play.  I haven't really thought about it too much yet though, but yeah, that's a factor."


WeAreSC- Is distance from home something that you've thought about?


Taufoou- "I would try to stay close to home but I wouldn't mind going off somewhere else.  It's not a big deal to me."


WeAreSC- You mentioned that USC is in your top two right now.  What do you like about them?


Taufoou- "I went to their Junior Day and I really liked the coaches.  They seem like a bunch of good guys, and just their style of coaching.  They're all just intense and they made it fun for us.  I also watched some of their practice and it was high intensity.  I liked that too."


WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to meet Coach Pola?


Taufoou- "Yeah, he's an interesting guy.  He's funny."


WeAreSC- You also mentioned that Notre Dame is in your top two.  What do you like about them?


Taufoou- "Well, I just know they have a lot of tradition.  I haven't been able to visit there or visit any of their camps or anything.  I just like the football team."


WeAreSC- Do you have any of your stats from your fullback spot last year?


Taufoou- "I rushed for over 1200 yards in, I think, 200 plus carries, and I had around 14 touchdowns."


WeAreSC- For people who haven't seen you play, talk about what you like to do out there as a fullback and what you think your strengths are.


Taufoou- "Probably power.  Just being able to run straight through guys.  That's basically it.  I think of myself as being able to do it all.  I want to be seen that way.  I don't want to be one-dimensional."


WeAreSC- Do you play on defense also?


Taufoou- "Yeah, I play linebacker, in the middle."


WeAreSC- Are you being recruited solely as a fullback, or are you also getting looks at linebacker?


Taufoou- "I think it's mainly as a fullback but a little linebacker too."


WeAreSC- Where is USC recruiting you to play at?


Taufoou- "I think fullback, but Coach Holt is recruiting me, so…they need linebackers too."


WeAreSC- What's your current height and weight?


Taufoou- "6'0 and 245."


WeAreSC- Best 40 time?


Taufoou- "4.7."


WeAreSC- Do you play any other sports?


Taufoou- "Not this year but last year I played baseball and wrestled."


WeAreSC- Do you have a recent max on your bench and squat?


Taufoou- "Squat is like 420 and bench is around 330 or 335."


WeAreSC- Do you plan on going to any camps this summer?


Taufoou- "I want to go to the USC camp, the four day camp.  And I want to go to the Notre Dame camp.  I'm not sure on the others.  I haven't really decided yet."


WeAreSC- Are you going to any of the Nike Camps?


Taufoou- "Yeah, at Stanford on May 10th."


WeAreSC- Looking ahead, if the right offer comes along, would you look to commit early or do you plan on going through the process?


Taufoou- "It depends…I think I want to visit the schools first before I decide, but there's certain schools where I think I would commit."


WeAreSC- If USC offered, do you think you might lean towards doing that?


Taufoou- "Yeah, right now that's where I'm leaning."

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