Q&A with Rocky Hinds

Quarterback Rocky Hinds has long been a fan of the Trojans and in this interview Rocky gives an update on where he stands with the recruiting process and his thoughts on J.D. Booty:

Wearesc: So what schools are you looking at?

Hinds: USC, UCLA and ND


Wearesc: Do you have a leader out of that group?

Hinds: Nah, USC, UCLA and ND are all about even.


Wearesc: Can you give me a few quotes on each school?

Hinds: On SC, I like the coaches and they had a great recruiting class. On ND, I like the education, coach Willingham and my friend going there, Freddie Parrish. On UCLA, a chance to play early, the coaches and academics.


Wearesc: USC was your childhood favorite, yes?

Hinds: Yes.


Wearesc: I'm sure you're familiar with the John David Booty situation. Has his announcement to come to SC early affected you one-way or the other?

Hinds: Not really, but I am looking to play early, so it does a little bit. 


Wearesc: Have you talked to coach Carroll or coach Chow after JD Booty committed?

Hinds: I talked to coach O, and he said that they still want me, they're still interested and that I just have to compete.


Wearesc: What would you say are your strengths as a QB?

Hinds: Making plays happen with my running and then throwing the ball.


Wearesc: Anything you'd like to work on?

Hinds: Probably being a little more patient in the pocket, instead of doing it on my own.


Wearesc: Is it true that you ran a 10.5 100m?

Hinds: Yeah.


Wearesc: Do you think you can take state this year?

Hinds: Well, I'm going to definitely try.


Wearesc: With that kind of speed, some might say you would be a great WR prospect. Would you be willing to play WR in college or are you definitely a QB?

Hinds: I'm definitely a QB.


Wearesc: Do you play other sports outside of football?

Hinds: I played basketball. I averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds last season and was all-league.


Wearesc: Any more camps for you this summer?

Hinds: Yeah, I'm gonna go to the Nike camp in Stanford.


Wearesc: But you already went to the Nike camp here. Why another one?

Hinds: When I went to the Nike camp here I hurt my hamstring running the forty and it was hurting when I was doing the workouts so it affected me a little bit.


Wearesc: So you think you can do a better at Stanford?

Hinds: Yeah. I'm also gonna go to the USC three or four day camp, the UCLA one day camp and the ND camp.


Wearesc: When do you think you'll commit?

Hinds: I'm going to take my trips, take at least a few trips, at least two or three trips, so maybe December or January.

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