Trojans offer DE Schweiger

Following an impressive performance at the lineman camp at USC, Valley Christian's Jeff Schweiger received an official offer from the Trojans this week. WeAreSC caught up with the big time defensive end and he shares his thoughts on the camp as well as where the Trojans stand.

WeAreSC- Talk about the camp that you attended at USC this past weekend.  What was that experience like?


Schweiger- "It was good because it kind of seemed like it would probably simulate how a real college practice would be, and I liked the intensity and how they always had us going.  It wasn't like my high school practices.  They pretty much had us always moving and always doing something.  I liked that.  The level of competition was a lot higher so it was a lot better."


WeAreSC- I heard that you had a pretty good showing at the camp.  How do you think you did going through the drills and going up against those guys?


Schweiger- "I thought I did pretty good.  I didn't really get blocked by anyone.  It was pretty cool.  There were some big guys out there."


WeAreSC- Did you meet any of the other participants?


Schweiger- "I met the other d-end, Thomas Herring.  I talked to him a little bit."


WeAreSC- During the day, was there a coach that you really enjoyed working with?


Schweiger- "Yeah, I liked Coach Orgeron.  I liked it when we were going through the individuals, he was just getting me pumped up.  I like that angry-in-your-face type of coach."


WeAreSC- Was this your first time down at USC, and did you get a chance to check out the campus?


Schweiger- "Yeah, it was my first time ever down there.  I just saw the football office and the rooms down underneath the football office and things like that.  I didn't see much of the campus except for the practice field and the track.  I didn't get to see the stadium.  I wish I would have stopped by there when I left."


WeAreSC- Did you get a chance to meet Coach Carroll? 


Schweiger- "Yeah, he's a cool guy. I like him.  I talked to him about a couple things.  His son was coached by my coach, so we talked about that a little bit.  My mom was in there too so he talked about how he likes to shape players and things like that."


WeAreSC- So overall, what kind of impression did the camp leave on you in regards to your thoughts on USC?


Schweiger- "A lot better.  They showed me these programs and I looked at them and I remember looking at the top d-ends on and rivals, and last year it seemed like they got a lot of them.  I've been following them, they got like the #2 recruiting class in the nation and then they just got Booty so that makes them even higher.  I'm thinking that they're going to be, if not winning the national championship, they're going to be up in there."


WeAreSC- What got you interested in USC in the first place?


Schweiger- "Well, I like that it's local and my parents can come and watch my games and things like that.  I heard that they have a real nice campus and also just their recruiting class.  I've been watching and looking at their recruits and it looks like they're going to be real good in the next couple of years."


WeAreSC- What are you looking for in the school you choose?


Schweiger- "Probably the coaches are one of the biggest things.  The football team, how good they are.  And I'm probably going to study business, so that program.  I know USC has a real good business program.  Also, the campus and the atmosphere."


WeAreSC- Would early playing time be a factor?


Schweiger- "Yeah, I really want to compete for a spot as a freshman, but if I don't then I guess I'll probably play as a sophomore I think."


WeAreSC- So where do you stand right now as far as the schools that you're looking at?  Do you have a top-5?


Schweiger- "I pretty much have a top-8 kind of.  SC, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Miami, Michigan, Washington, UCLA, and Colorado."


WeAreSC- Do you have a leader out of that group or maybe a few that stick out?


Schweiger- "I like Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and USC."


WeAreSC- Do you have any offers?


Schweiger- "I have some written offers.  USC just sent me one.  It said full scholarship"


WeAreSC- When did you get that offer?


Schweiger- "It came in the mail two days ago."


WeAreSC- Has anyone else offered?


Schweiger- "Oklahoma, the same thing, a written offer, and then Washington, Colorado, and UCLA, they all offered.  They told my coach though, they didn't send anything."


WeAreSC- While you were in Los Angeles I heard that you also took a visit to UCLA.  How did that go?


Schweiger- "Yeah, on Sunday.  It was cool.  I talked to Coach Dorrell.  We didn't really talk about anything in depth, just about the recruiting process and things like that."


WeAreSC- Did it leave a favorable impression?


Schweiger- "Yeah, I really liked their campus a lot.  I got to see more of their campus than SC's."


WeAreSC- For people who haven't seen you play, talk about what your strengths are as a defensive end.


Schweiger- "This year I got double teamed and ran away from a lot, so my pursuit to the ball.  I just beat people with speed and I'm more physical than who ever we play."


WeAreSC- Do you play any offense?


Schweiger- "I play tight end a little bit.  I haven't played that much because my coach really wanted me to just be a defensive leader.  I played a little fullback in our last few playoff games.  We ran this play off-tackle where I just knock out the d-end, in goal line and short yardage situations."


WeAreSC- Do you have any of your stats from last year?


Schweiger- "138 tackles, 13 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, 10 hurries, and 4 deflected passes."


WeAreSC- Height and weight?


Schweiger- "At the USC camp they measured me at 6'4 and 246." 


WeAreSC- Do you know your max on bench and squat?


Schweiger- "Yeah, 340 or 350 on bench, and squat, around 450."


WeAreSC- 40 time?


Schweiger- "In my track practices I ran a 4.5"


WeAreSC- You brought up track, what do you run?


Schweiger- "I ran the 100 and I did the shot put."


WeAreSC- Do you play any other sports?


Schweiger- "I played baseball and I started as a sophomore, but I stopped baseball for my junior year because I wanted to concentrate on lifting and get better for football."


WeAreSC- What are your plans for this summer?  Any more camps?


Schweiger- "I'm going to the Stanford Nike Camp.  I don't have anything else planned yet."


WeAreSC- Do you plan to go through the process and take your trips or would you rather commit early?


Schweiger- "I want to take all of my visits.  I want to enjoy the opportunity." Top Stories