Quoting Haden: Appeal Denied

USC Athletic Director Pat Haden gave his thoughts Thursday on the unsuccessful appeal in the Reggie Bush case and how the Trojans move forward.

-Pat Haden on having USC's appeal to the NCAA overturned
"Clearly I'm very disappointed but I'm not surprised. I've said all along, we have talked about the odds here so it's not an unexpected result. We are going to move forward. I know people have been asking and wondering if we are going to sue the NCAA. This has been going on for five years. Believe me, the university has considered all its alternatives, but we are not going to do that. This has been five years, a very long process. We've got three more years of this to deal with, at least, and so we have decided to kind of move on and make the best of our situation going forward."

"I've been around our team long enough, we have some really high character, quality people like Matt Barkley. You really need leaders, this is the time you need those kind of guys and I can't think of a better leader to handle our team than Matt Barkley."

-Pat Haden on whether he felt USC was treated fairly with its appeal
"We disagree with the findings. I do think the committee, the appeals committee itself, are fair-minded people. I was there, I saw them, we argued in front of them. I just disagree with how they saw our argument and the fact that past precedent seem to play a role in their decision."

-Pat Haden on whether he expected Thursday's result
"One of 11 had won an appeal, so I didn't expect any different result than we got."

-Pat Haden on whether he felt the appeals committee had any agenda
"I didn't sense that. I didn't feel that at any time during the hearing or during breaks. I think the appeals committee is a fair-minded group of folks. We just vehemently disagree with the results."

-Pat Haden on whether a game this season could be moved to a neutral site as reward
"I feel so badly for our seniors in particular that have had two years of this and had nothing to do with what went on. We are looking into that, but we are investigating whatever opportunities are out there for our players. We would like to do something for our players. We talked about it yesterday. We will do whatever we are allowed to do."

-Pat Haden on whether initial findings would have been different if he was AD
"I really wasn't sure what Mike (Garrett) did to be honest. I wasn't a part of that. As a board member, I was kind of advised how the thing was going. I think we need to have a better relationship with the NCAA. They are our governing body, like them or not. I'm going back to see them again next month. I continue to have open dialogues with them about how we can do things better, how our student-athletes can be treated better. I'm not sure what happened in the past, but I know what we – Dave Roberts, I, Max Nikias – need to have a much more open, better dialogue."

-Pat Haden on finding that past precedent weren't relevant to USC's appeal
"If we have to prove an abuse of discretion and there is no standard because you can't use past precedents, how do you prove an abuse of discretion? It's kind of circular. I don't know how you overcome the burden."

-Pat Haden on whether any seniors could transfer
"I haven't heard (of) any. I just hope Matt Barkley doesn't leave."

-Pat Haden on whether scholarship reductions will change how he evaluates coach Lane Kiffin
"As long as Lane wins every game he'll be fine. Do you grade on a curve? It's a very interesting question. He's going to have challenges that other coaches haven't had here. But I think we're up to the task here. We still have a lot of really good football players. We just brought in 30 or 31 really good players. I know they'll get well coached. We have to get a little bit lucky, but there's no reason we can't be competitive."

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