Trojan Favorites: Favorite Sports Memory

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

All summer long, SC Playbook will highlight the Trojan Favorites, listing some favorite things of the 2011 USC Trojans.

This time we asked, "What is your favorite sports memory?" The responses, these memories, only illustrate the Trojans' game-winning experience, and their ensuing hunger.

Shane Horton, senior, linebacker: "Best memory was the first time Wes [Horton, Shane's brother] were on the field together. He didn't even know, the first three games we didn't have one series where we were on the field together. [But] it was the beginning of the second quarter against Washington State at home. He saw me was like ‘Oh, shoot this is it man. Finally!' It was one of those brother moments that was awesome."

Hayes Pullard, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "The Notre Dame-USC game when Reggie Bush made the big drive and [helped Leinart] score on the 1-yard line. It showed [the Trojans] didn't give up. They had the motivation."

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, senior: "Winning the championship in high school, my senior year [2006]. It was the first time in our school's history to lead the team to a championship."

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, incoming freshman: "Wining the state championship [with my high school Holy Spirit] last year."

Lamar Dawson, linebacker, incoming freshman: "Winning two state championships in high school. [They were] back-to-back, it was just a great feeling. We weren't predicted to win it all the second time and we just proved everybody wrong."

Tre Madden, linebacker, incoming freshman: "Playing in the CIF championship game against Servite last year. [It was] my last high school experience with all my friends."

Kevin Greene, redshirt sophomore, defensive end: "Winning the state championship my senior year in basketball. It was the first time my school had done it for the boys' team."

Armond Armstead, senior, defensive tackle: "Watching Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot against the Jazz [in 1998] on Byron Russell. It was supposedly the last shot of his career. Legacy was [then] sealed as the greatest player ever."

George Uko, redshirt freshman, defensive tackle: "Probably winning my rivalry game in high school my senior year, because we haven't beaten our rival [Chino High] in 18 years. And the first time we beat them was my senior year."

Anthony Brown, redshirt freshman, cornerback: "My game winning touchdown my sophomore year [with Kaiser High] against my rival Bloomington."

Jesse Scroggins, redshirt freshman, quarterback: "When Florida beat Oklahoma, against [Sam] Bradford. It was a great game, I was a fan of Florida."

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: "I feel our greatest one is yet to come…maybe having a 10-plus win season with all the odds against us."

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