Trojan Favorites: The School 'USC'

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

All summer long, SC Playbook will highlight the Trojan Favorites, listing some favorite things of the 2011 USC Trojans.

This time we asked, "What is your favorite thing about going to the school USC?"

DaJohn Harris, redshirt senior, defensive tackle: "The Trojan walk, before every home game. It changed my whole view of USC, that experience is life-changing for me. When I first came to USC, I didn't feel like I connected with the coaches, it didn't feel like home. But we played against Idaho [in 2007] and we got off the bus and did the Trojan Walk, the whole student section was there so when we walked down that feeling—that's how I knew I was where I wanted to be."

Kevin Greene, redshirt sophomore, defensive end: "Just the position it puts you in both as a student-athlete and as a student. When you tell people you go to USC their eyes get big, and then when you tell them you play football their eyes get even bigger."

Hayes Pullard, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "Being a powerful school academic and athletic-wise."

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, senior: "How friendly everybody is, everybody acts the same with each other no matter how you look and stuff like that."

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, incoming freshman: "The environment, where's its at."

Armond Armstead, senior, defensive tackle: "The people the students, the girls. The guys are cool too. I feel like I connect with the students. It's indescribable."

Anthony Brown, redshirt freshman, cornerback: "I can't pinpoint one thing but the environment—how everybody is social, nobody thinks they're better than anybody. The people."

Jesse Scroggins, redshirt freshman, quarterback: "It's a welcoming place."

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: "The excellence of all aspects—in sports, in academics, outside the school like in community service. I feel like the model of USC is striving for excellence."

Lamar Dawson, linebacker, incoming freshman: "It's location and diversity."

Dion Bailey, redshirt freshman, linebacker: "The connections it has and the people you meet here, the alumni and everything it's a very well connected school. If you come here and do what you got to do you're set for life."

Victor Blackwell, incoming freshman, wide receiver: "I think it's a fun school, I think I'll enjoy myself." Top Stories