Trojan Favorites: Player (played with)

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

All summer long, SC Playbook will highlight the Trojan Favorites, listing some favorite things of the 2011 USC Trojans.

This time we asked, "Who is your favorite player you've played with?"

From some of the defensive line...

Armond Armstead, senior, tackle: Jurrell Casey. "We were close on and off the field so we had a lot of fun together."

Kevin Greene, redshirt sophomore, end: Taylor Mays. "Him and I are pretty close. His work ethic, that's a big thing I pride myself on."

George Uko, redshirt freshman, tackle: Steven Bethley. "He's a cornerback at Montana State, he's my best friend. Because we always connected on the field and plus there is nothing like playing with your best friend."

DaJohn Harris, redshirt senior, tackle: Taylor Mays. "I remember against Notre Dame [one year] they were on our 30 [yard line], it was 4th [down] and like 3 [yards to go]. Notre Dame lined up to kick a field goal and tried to run a fake, Taylor was on the opposite end of the field and stopped the touchdown."

From some of the linebackers...

Dion Bailey, redshirt freshman, strongside: Robert Woods. "Every time we play together we make great memories." Hayes Pullard, redshirt freshman, weakside: De'Anthony Thomas. "He and I were always brothers. We hung around each other a lot in Crenshaw."

Anthony Sarao, incoming freshman, weakside: Jack Crawford, a defensive end out of Penn State. "I was a freshman on varsity and he showed me the ways around and took me under his wing.

Tre Madden, incoming freshman, strongside: Alex Mascarenas (safety at UCLA). "He played receiver in high school, and was really fun to watch."

Lamar Dawson, incoming freshman, middle: De'Anthony Thomas. "We played together at the Under-Armour [All American] Bowl. I just like how he plays fast and he's not afraid to hit you."

From some of the secondary...

Anthony Brown, redshirt freshman, cornerback: Greg Watson (a quarterback at Fresno State). "I know him from Pop Warner days, he went to Rancho Cucamonga. He reminds me of myself because he was really physical and really goofy."

Marshall Jones, safety, redshirt senior: Kevin Ellison. "He was one of the smartest, football-wise, guys I've played with."

From some of the offense...

Jesse Scroggins, redshirt freshman, quarterback: Robert Woods.

Victor Blackwell, incoming freshman, wide receiver: D'anthony Thomas. "We played in Pop Warner together in Crenshaw."

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: Darius Hanks. "He's my homeboy, he's a star receiver for Alabama. We grew up together, I've known him for a long time. We were boys and we killed everybody. You couldn't stop us, it was ridiculous."

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, redshirt senior: Malcolm Smith. "We're best friends. It helps [to play with a guy like that] a lot." Top Stories