Trojan Favorites: Favorite Meal

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

All summer long, SC Playbook will highlight the Trojan Favorites, listing some favorite things of the 2011 USC Trojans.

This time we asked a fun one: "What is your favorite meal?"…

Brandon Carswell, receiver, redshirt senior: "Chitterlings, they're pig intestines. They really stink when you first start cooking them but they're really good."

Cody Kessler, freshman, quarterback: "Italian anything."

Lamar Dawson, incoming freshman, linebacker: Steak and potatoes.

Nickell Robey, sophomore, cornerback: Fried Chicken.

D.J. Morgan, redshirt freshman, running back: Pizza and Orange Chicken.

Shane Horton, linebacker, redshirt senior: "Any type of yam or sweet potato dish."

Brice Butler, redshirt junior, receiver: Chicken Parmesan

Armond Armstead, senior, defensive tackle: "My mom's lasagna."

Tony Burnett, redshirt junior, cornerback: Shrimp Fettucini.

George Uko, redshirt freshman, defensive tackle: African food, rice and stews.

Kyle Prater, redshirt freshman, receiver: Dressing (also known as stuffing).

Dion Bailey, redshirt freshman, linebacker: "My dad's porkchops, he won't tell us how he makes them."

Khaled Holmes, redshirt junior, center: "Anything my mom makes."

Hayes Pullard, redshirt freshman, linebacker: Macaroni and cheesei

Anthony Brown, redshirt freshman, cornerback: Hot wings with lemon pepper sauce.

Tre Madden, incoming freshman, linebacker: Steak and potatoes.

Marshall Jones, redshirt senior, safety: Tacos.

Victor Blackwell, incoming freshman, receiver: "My auntie's barbeque ribs."

Kevin Greene, redshirt sophomore, defensive end: Pinto beans and rice with cornbread.

Anthony Sarao, incoming freshman, linebacker: Grilled chicken with hot sauce or alfredo sauce.

Soma Vainuku, freshman, fullback: "I like all pasta."

Da'John Harris, redshirt senior, defensive tackle: "Mexican food. The whole category." Top Stories