Trojan Favorites: Place in the World

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

All summer long, SC Playbook will highlight the Trojan Favorites, listing some favorite things of the 2011 USC Trojans.

This time we asked "What is your favorite place in the world?"…

Marshall Jones, safety, redshirt senior: "Jamaica. It's the most relaxing place ever."

Randall Telfer, tight end, redshirt freshman: "Any place on the East Coast, probably Virginia. There are a lot of trees and it's calm. It's a great place to escape from all the hustle and bustle of L.A."

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, incoming freshman: "The football field or the gym. I haven't traveled to any crazy places."

Kevin Greene, defensive end, redshirt sophomore: "Oakland [Calif., Greene's hometown.]. No I take that back. The gym, being around weights."

Lamar Dawson, linebacker, incoming freshman: "At my grandma's house in Junction City [Ky.]. I love my grandma and just the family atmosphere at her house."

Anthony Brown, cornerback, redshirt sophomore: "Hawaii. That was the most amazing place I've ever seen."

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: "I haven't been outside the United States so my favorite place here is West Palm Beach because that's where my family is and it's a great place to be. Specifically, my grandma's house."

Shane Horton, linebacker, redshirt senior: "I love L.A. and San Diego. Pacific Beach is awesome. I love the warm weather."

Victor Blackwell, wide receiver, incoming freshman: "At home in Cerritos [Calif.] in my family room with 25-30 people having a get together and eating."

Dion Bailey, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "I haven't been that many places but I'd have to say Chicago because a lot of my dad's family lives out there."

Jesse Scroggins, quarterback, redshirt freshman: "Philadelphia because it's so old and it has a lot of history and a lot of things that are meaningful."

Tre Madden, linebacker, incoming freshman: "Hawaii. The weather is perfect."

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, redshirt senior: "At home in Milpitas [Calif.] at like a roundtable discussion with my family."

Armond Armstead, redshirt senior, defensive tackle: "I haven't been a lot of places. Manhattan Beach is up there, Hawaii is probably the greatest place that I've been."

Da'John Harris, defensive tackle, redshirt senior: "Vegas because I just got back. Or the Coliseum, I don't think there's any place better than the Coliseum."

Hayes Pullard, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "Hawaii because I've never been there. My favorite place I have been is Louisiana, because that's where I went when I was a little kid, there was a lot of space to run around." Top Stories