Trojan Favorites: Non-Football Activity

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things

This time SCPlaybook asked the Trojans "What's your favorite activity, aside from football?"

Da'John Harris, defensive tackle, redshirt senior: To walk on the beach. I like to pick seashells. I keep everything to myself so it clears my mind.

Marc Tyler, tailback, redshirt senior: Video games.

Antwaun Woods, defensive tackle, freshman: Wacka Flacka's "Hard in the Paint" because it gets me hype, and ‘I go hard in the paint.'

Jawanza Starling, safety, junior: Video games.

Cody Kessler, quarterback, freshman: Hanging out with my little brother doing anything he wants to do.

Kyle Prater, wide receiver, redshirt freshman: Watching film of NFL greats like Randy Moss or Jerry Rice. Or going out with my homies when I have free time.

Jesse Scroggins, quarterback, redshirt freshman: Chilling with my teammates.

Drew McAllister, safety, redshirt junior: Video games of course.

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, redshirt senior: Laying down watching television.

Tony Burnett, cornerback, redshirt junior: Track and field…or Go karting!

Antwaun Woods, defensive tackle, freshman: I like to text.

Cyrus Hobbi, guard, freshman: Singing and dancing. I do it all the time and I'm starting to get decent at it.

Simione Vehikite, linebacker, redshirt sophomore: Rugby.

George Uko, defensive tackle, redshirt freshman: Playing basketball or the video game ‘Call of Duty.'

Lamar Dawson, linebacker, freshman: Hanging out with friends, playing video games.

Hayes Pullard, linebacker, redshirt freshman: Playing basketball. I play anywhere.

Kevin Greene, defensive end, redshirt sophomore: Cleaning.

Anthony Brown, cornerback, redshirt freshman: Rapping, freestyling. I have good lyrics.

Amir Carlisle, tailback, freshman: Playing capture the flag or playing piano.

D.J. Morgan, tailback, redshirt freshman: Swimming and going to the movies.

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, freshman: Playing with little kids.

Armond Armstead, defensive tackle, senior: Chilling in my sweatpants, watching movies."

Dion Bailey, linebacker, redshirt freshman: Paintball shooting. It's fun because it's like a thrill you don't want to get shot.

Emon Saee, quarterback, redshirt junior: Bowling, golfing, playing basketball and spending time with my family.

Victor Blackwell, wide receiver, freshman: Hanging out with friends.

Marshall Jones, safety, redshirt senior: Drawing pictures.

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: My church's bible studies. Those are pretty sweet. Other than that, I'd say video games.

Marcus Martin, offensive lineman, freshman: People pay me to build computers. Seriously.

Luke Freeman, linebacker, redshirt sophomore: Probably snowboarding or rock climbing.

Tre Madden, linebacker, freshman: Going to the beach. Top Stories