Trojan Favorites: Favorite Movie

Like Oprah's "Favorite Things," all summer long we'll look at the USC Trojans' Favorite Things.

This time SCPlaybook asked the Trojans "what is your favorite movie (and why)?"

Da'John Harris, defensive tackle, redshirt senior: "Harry Potter. I don't know why. The creation, to do that wizardry stuff, I just love it. The suspense, the bravery, the talent. The creator is a genius.

Lamar Dawson, linebacker, freshman: "Remember the Titans. Great movie and Denzel Washington did a great job."

Tony Burnett, cornerback, redshirt junior: "The Lion King because I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it."

Marshall Jones, safety, redshirt senior: "Boondock Saints."

Kevin Graf, offensive tackle, redshirt sophomore: "Friday Night Lights because it is such an inspirational movie and gets me pumped up before games."

Luke Freeman, linebacker, redshirt sophomore: "Forrest Gump because I think its awesome he became successful just for doing what he does best, running and his innocence. I also like quoting the movie."

Anthony Brown, cornerback, redshirt freshman: "The Lion King because I've been watching since I was little, the story is just interesting. I still watch it to this day. I watched it last night. It takes time to become a king."

Marc Tyler, tailback, redshirt senior: "The Fast 5 series because I like cars and action movies."

Brandon Carswell, wide receiver, redshirt senior: "Training Day because I love Denzel and that role—nobody expected him to do that. Also, ‘Life' with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence."

Shane Horton, linebacker, redshirt senior: "Original Star Wars trilogy. What they have done in cinema history speak for itself and totally revolutionized science-fiction movies. If I had to pick one, ‘The Empire Strikes Back' is my favorite."

Simi Vehikite, linebacker, redshirt sophomore: "Once Were Warriors, because it's a sick Polynesian movie.

Jeremy Galten, offensive lineman, junior: "Got to be October Sky. It's about a group of boys who come from nothing and make a name for themselves."

Brice Butler, wide receiver, redshirt junior: "Remember the Titans always gives me the chills."

Cody Gifford, wide receiver, redshirt junior: "Braveheart."

Tre Madden, linebacker, freshman: "Fast and the Furious 5 because it's a good storyline."

Hayes Pullard, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "The Hangover. I like to laugh."

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, freshman: "Juice. Because Tupac is in it. I watch it all the time."

Kevin Greene, defensive end, redshirt sophomore: "Belly. It came out around the year 2000. It's a movie that shows that a positive can come out of a negative. DMX was hardcore not listening to anybody then but Nas was trying to enlighten him."

George Uko, defensive tackle, redshirt freshman: "White Men Can't Jump, because it's a classic."

Armond Armstead, defensive tackle, senior: "I'm a movie buff, so that's hard. I'll go with Scarface, because it's a classic about how someone took advantage of the American Dream to the fullest."

Jesse Scroggins, quarterback, redshirt freshman: "The Sandlot."

Dion Bailey, linebacker, redshirt freshman: "Don't Back Down. It's a movie about a fighter who's dad died and he blamed himself but then became a trained fighter and he learned to control himself."

Victor Blackwell, wide receiver, freshman: "All About the Benjamins. Because it's funny." Top Stories