Morgan Talks Playing Time, Tyler Incident

The tailback talks about the possibility of being the Trojans' number-one running back, including thoughts about Marc Tyler's comments and ensuing suspension.

Taft High (Woodland Hills, Calif.) product and USC tailback D.J. Morgan spoke about a variety of topics after Tuesday morning's players-only throwing session:

On trying to expand his role, including pass-blocking and catching:
"I want to be on the field and have the most opportunities I can have to make a big play."

On being able to get more playing time:
"I feel like I will have a lot of opportunities, I think that they'll come to me and I just have to take advantage of them for them to continue to come my way."

On how Morgan stays focused off the field:
"Just doing what's right.—Like Pat Haden tells us, what does he say—he always tells us if your parents wouldn't like it or you wouldn't tell your mom or do it in front of your mom then it's probably not a good idea."

On Marc Tyler's video that appeared on TMZ:
"I seen it. I think I seen it—I think we were talking about it on the field, we didn't really know what was going on we were just talking about the night before, it was like the Thursday or whatever… I didn't really know about it, I didn't know what everyone was talking about or what he was talking about and then the next day it became big and we saw it on the Internet and were like ‘dang.'"

On his reaction to the video and Tyler's comments:
"I was just shocked and then I was like well it's my turn I guess. Him being my teammate and a fellow running back it's hard on him but I can't look back at him and feel sorry for him I have to take advantage of the opportunity that's in front of my face."

On how he feels for Tyler:
"It's clear that he was intoxicated or whatever, and he was joking. We all know we all make mistakes and we know how Marc is and we know that he was joking so we didn't think that it was real serious. But still the fact that he did it in the public eye just makes it a big deal and that he was already facing some problems with the judicial affairs."

On overcoming distractions that continue to plague USC:
"I think everybody has the same mentality. Some people might not work as hard as others but everybody wants to make it big at the end of the day and everybody is thinking the same. Nobody is looking to get in trouble and nobody is looking to get benched. But I believe everybody on the team is hungry and working hard."

He said his roommates--the self-titled 'Fab Six,' which include cornerback Anthony Brown, receiver Robert Woods, tight end Xavier Grimble, linebackers Dion Bailey and Hayes Pullard-- told Morgan to use this as an opportunity.

"Since I'm the only running back in the room they just said ‘man you see that, the doors opening for you and you better step in and close it. Don't let anybody in behind you.' So I just took that as encouragement." Top Stories