Kelvin York Moves to *Move* USC

Louisiana native Kelvin York (5-11, 225) is a three-star running back who moved across coasts with a goal, and on a whim he accomplished his dream of becoming a USC Trojan.

It's been more than two years since he graduated, but Kelvin York has remained patient. Most Scout three-star prospects choose a school from the array of offers they get as an upperclassman, but not York. He was picky, knowing where he wanted to play since middle school. The University of Southern California didn't know York then, but he was sure they would eventually.

"USC is where I am going," York said. "My family loved LSU and Southern University, but I just knew USC is where I wanted to go. USC is my dream school."

Although he was getting interest from division one programs in the south, York decided to go to a double-A school upon graduating. He enrolled at Texas Southern University that Fall, disappointed USC didn't give him a second look.

Frustrated, it only got worse for York.

"I didn't even get to play [at Texas Southern]. I ended up being short [on] classes, so the NCAA didn't clear me. I just went to school there for a semester and then decided not to return."

York said the spring after his fall semester at Texas Southern was one of the lowest points in his life.

"I was contemplating giving up playing football altogether," York said. "I didn't get to play football at Texas Southern. My high school coaches were trying to get Mississippi and Texas junior colleges to take a look at me, but that wasn't working out. I just decided to take the spring off from college and think about what I was going to do instead of playing football."

Helping speed up that thought process was York's cousin.

"Honestly, my cousin is the only reason I tried out for football again. He told me not to give up on myself and that I could play football at USC if I wanted it bad[ly] enough."

York's desire was moving--literally. York packed up his bags and decided a junior college in Southern California would help his chances of being looked at by USC coaches.

"Fullerton College asked me to play for them. Now, junior colleges in California don't generally offer scholarships to their athletes, so I knew I was taking a big chance by leaving Louisiana and heading to California," York said.

York didn't want to blow this chance so he said he started running and lifting weights the summer before playing for Fullerton. Prior to enrolling, York had taken two semesters off from football and wanted to prepare himself for his one big shot in the city of angels.

"I came here to make my dream a reality," said York. "I knew USC recruits Fullerton players, so I decided this junior college in California would be my last [football] opportunity."

In the spring of his first year at Fullerton, USC recruiters started scoping out York. York said his coaches would always tell him that USC was looking at him and that pushed him that much harder.

"I called USC one day and started talking with the coaches," said York. "I started to kind of feel like they would offer me sooner or later the way my coaches were always saying that they were watching me."

York was right. USC did offer him and York accepted on the spot.

"My family wasn't surprised," said York. "They knew this was my dream and I told them if USC gave me the opportunity, I was going to take it."

Although York was born and bred in the SEC, he knew the Pac-12 was the conference for him. Currently, York has offers from Mississippi and Louisiana Tech, but hasn't given them a second thought.

"I still have division one schools looking at me, but USC is the place for me," said York. "I have a great connection with the USC coaching staff. I am glad to be a part of the Trojan family. I am sticking with USC until the end."

York said he talks with Coach Orgeron and Coach Pola about football and his grades all the time.

"They just tell me to keep my grades up," said York. "I have pretty good grades right now. I am just remaining focused on staying football-ready for USC. They told me to just come out there and work hard and I can win a starting spot, so that's what I am doing every day. I don't want anything given to me. I have been working hard to get to where I am at now and I will continue to do that at USC."

York still has one final season at Fullerton. But in January, all of York's efforts will be realized when he enrolls at USC and joins the long list of tailbacks that have been Trojans.

"There is a reason the best players go to USC. O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, Carson Palmer and Reggie Bush all went there. They have a great football tradition and so many Heisman trophy winners," York said.

He knows the road ahead will be bumpy, and he'll have to prove himself to USC fans. But York has already proved it to himself, and that's worked out pretty well so far.

"I am a player who is going to give everything I have," York said. "I want USC fans to know that. I am going to work on and off the field helping out the community. When I get there, I am going to make an impact."

"Not everyone can say they went to USC," York said. "My dream has come true."

Whitney Blaine contributed to this report. Top Stories