Jake Rodrigues Talks 'Ducks' at Elite 11

Rodrigues is still receiving offers, even as late as last week from schools like USC. But he's politely declining, stating that he's committed to Oregon and won't waver in that decision.

Jake Rodrigues, the quarterback out of Whitney High (Rocklin, Calif.) and proud Oregon Duck commit, was one of 24 participants at the Elite 11 finals this week. Rodrigues, who best resembles Mario Lopez and has the confidence of a Backstreet Boy, was thrilled about participating in the event.

"I mean it's crazy. You have [professional] guys here, you have college guys here. You just have to take everything in and have fun at the same time. You want to joke around with these guys but then you want to take them seriously because they're the best at what they do and you just want to learn every day and taking in what they give you, it's helped a lot."

Despite taking two quarterbacks in its latest class, USC offered Rodrigues last week. He politely declined, although he said he grew up a fan of the Trojans.

"I'm 100 percent Oregon, I'm going to be a duck. It's just the right fit for me, I went up there and they showed me everything I need to see," Rodrigues said. "[USC Quarterback Coach Clay] Helton and I are still like best friends we still love each other and there's no hard feelings I just decided Oregon is the right fit for me even though I grew up loving USC. "

Rodrigues is so steadfast in his commitment to Oregon that he said he would stay in Eugene even if the school ends up suffering some type of probation for its alleged involvement with recruiter Willie Lyles.

"[The Oregon athletic department] said it was nothing, and I believe them 100 percent."

So what was it about Oregon that put it at the top of Rodrigues' list, ahead of schools with a lineage of quarterbacks, like USC?

"It was tough of course but I went up to Oregon I fell in love with the coaches there I fell in love with just everything and overall it was just the right fit. I had to pick a place I want to live for four years and Eugene was the place for me. Chip [Kelly] is a down-to-earth guy, he seems really cool. I've talked to him a lot and he cares about the players and that's what I like about it."

But USC's Helton doesn't consider Rodrigues to Oregon a ‘done-deal.'

"He said I'm not going to stop recruiting you but I'm 100 percent to Oregon and we're still going to be friends probably until the day we die, we have a close relationship…but he understand that it's a business and Oregon is the place for me. That's how it ended up."

So maybe that's how it will end up, with Rodrigues going to Oregon. While schools like USC, UCLA, Nebraska, Michigan, Miami, Arizona State and Washington may be disappointed that Rodrigues is passing on their offers, he sure is happy-- at the thought of becoming a duck.

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