Notables from Pac-12 Media Day

News and notes surrounding the USC Trojans from head coach Lane Kiffin, who spoke at the Pac 12's Media Day Tuesday in Century City, Calif.

Coach Lane Kiffin was extremely vocal Tuesday at the Pac-12 conference's media tour kickoff. A couple of newsworthy items came out of the day.

First, Kiffin plans to rotate guys on the defensive line much more, and believes Devon Kennard will help add that needed depth in order to do so.

"Way too many guys were playing 60, 70 snaps instead of rotating and playing 40 snaps a game," Kiffin said.

One incoming freshman that won't play any snaps this season is defensive tackle DeVante Wilson, according to Kiffin, will undergo knee surgery next week. Wilson is likely out for the year.

As for a Marc Tyler timetable? There's no news on that front, except Kiffin's reaction to that video posted on the entertainment website TMZ.

"It was so not what we're about at USC. And to see it just made myself and a lot of people [have] just a really bad feeling. There's a real arrogance to it and I know Marc [Tyler] feels the same way."

Kiffin also said that he is willing to lengthen Tyler's suspension, if needed.

"Marc's going to determine that [length]. Really, this is about Marc getting himself right. He's just really, he's had some personal issues, obviously, I won't go into those, because of his rights," Kiffin said. "So he may never be back. [But] we hope that he's back because that means that he's got everything in order."

Interestingly, Kiffin said even if Tyler were reinstated, he wouldn't necessarily have started the Trojans' season-opener against Minnesota, based on tailback Curtis McNeal's offseason performance.

"If we were to play a game at the end of Spring and [McNeal] were eligible he would have been ahead of Marc [Tyler] actually," Kiffin said. McNeal is in the second session of summer classes at USC and has to make a certain grade to be eligible for the Fall, the coach said.

Overall, he didn't seem too worried about his team's tailback situation. Rather, he sounded excited about the possibility of using the remaining guys in different scenarios.

"If you go with the three other guys: Curtis McNeal, short, stocky, powerful type of runner; D.J. Morgan, the fastest of the group; and then Dillon Baxter the most elusive. So it's a very good group to work with, it's very different. I think any time you look at receivers, running backs, tight ends you want guys that are different. You don't want three of the same. So it should give the defense some problems if you utilize them right."

The team's strong chemistry is apparent at the players-only throwing sessions, and news of the growing camaraderie has been relayed to Kiffin.

"You get to see more than me so I can't be out there, watching those practices and stuff. But what I do hear from them is that they do feel that way. Some of the older guys in the program said they do feel a very connected team," Kiffin said. "They feel like guys are showing up more, guys are being early to stuff they don't have to be at, staying out late out there trying to get better. So it sounds like they're in a very good place."

What happens if the Trojans fall out of that ‘good place' and hit a rock at some point in the season? Kiffin recalled his team's ongoing motivation last year, despite the postseason sanction.

"The majority of our guys that come to USC, come to get a degree at USC and get drafted," he said.

Despite the degree, the chances of being drafted or the undefeated season, this group might just like to play some quality football, Kiffin hinted at a roundtable lunch with media. Even if there aren't accolades or credit to follow.

"Some people would think ‘well once you lost that first game then you couldn't go undefeated' but then they came back and played so well versus Stanford and had that game [practically] won. So I don't know I don't know if there's any way to tell what [the sanctions] really does to you," he said. Top Stories